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What Works to Tighten Sagging Skin on Your Cheeks?

I have a lot of skin laxity in my cheeks, and I am wondering what I can do about it.  Thank you, Triss. READ MORE

Age 30. Sagging Cheeks Causing Prominent Nasolabial Creases and Jowls. Not Interested in Fillers?

Want a more permanent solution to lift up cheeks to get rid of saggy cheek creases and jowls and I always look sad from the sagginess. READ MORE

How to Correct Asymmetrical Jowls and Cheek Muscles?

I have asymmetrical jowls. How can I correct that? I have a bigger jowl on one side of my face and it makes my cheek look larger on thay side. I had... READ MORE

I Am a Young Man Who Has Severely Soft Cheeks and an Overall Saggy Appearance. I Am Extremely Embarrassed to Get a Consultation?

I have sent pictures before to doctors of my face and they astoundingly agree that even at the age of only 25 I would benefit a great deal from a face... READ MORE

Which treatment should I go for skin tightening at the age of 32?

I am 32 yr old lady. I am noticing loose skin over my cheeks and lines on my forehead. And dark circles around my eyes. I have 9 months time for my... READ MORE

Would skintyte be an option for skin tightening after cheek fat transfer?

Had fat transfer to the cheek area over a year ago. Would the heat from skintyte negatively affect that result or potentially cause atrophy? READ MORE

Severe jowl on one side of my face and a deflated cheek (Photo)

I'm in my early 20's, light smoker of 4 years(recently trying to quit) years ago I noticed an asymmetry in my jaw, the right muscle is more developed,... READ MORE

Non-surgical Treatment for Malar Bags?

I have swelling on my top cheek, under my eyes. I think it's called malar bags. I would like to know what would be best non-surgical treatment for it.... READ MORE

What Are the Available Treatments for Excessive Skin Laxity? (photo)

I'm 28 years old, and as the photographs relate, suffer from excessive skin laxity. Its entirely localised to my face, and Ehlers-Danlos has been... READ MORE

Treatments for Deep Facial Lines on a 20 Year Old?

I am only 20 but over the past year, I’ve developed deep lines that go from the corner of my eyes and extend down to my cheeks. They make me look... READ MORE

19 Yr Old with Sagging Jowls/cheeks? (photo)

I am 19 with sagging jowls and would like to get rid of these! First photo is how I look when I am looking down, where the jowls are noticeable and... READ MORE

Cheek Bags (Or Malar Bags) After Pregnancy?

I have inflamed symmetrical bags on my cheeks, under my eyes. They appeared 3-4 mo. postpartum. They have been on going for 4 months. They do not hurt... READ MORE

Is There Such Thing As Weak Facial Muscles? 21,110lbs,5'3

When I clench my teeth I can physically see a muscle rise both on my temple and near the cheek area.My face looks much better when i clench my teeth;I... READ MORE

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