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Procedures for Belly Skin Wrinkling

I have loose skin on my stomach but not so much. It was caused by pregnancy and my belly skin is starting to wrinkle. What can I do? I have 3 kids. I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Before You See Radiofrequency Tightening of Neck Results?

I had radiofrequency of neck along with mini neck lift, 2 months ago and my doctor says it is still swollen and wants to see me in 2 months. He is... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Sagging, Crepey Skin?

Hi, I have tried Fraxel and Refirme to combat sagging skin and to improve crepey skin. Neither have worked very well for me. Which laser is most... READ MORE

General Anesthesia- How To Prevent Difficulty Urinating After the Procedure ?

I am a 38-year validity and good public process conducted in the previous tightening of the body under general anesthesia May experience difficulty... READ MORE

Removal of Prolene Sutures

Good evening, I'm wondering if Prolene sutures used in a skin tightening procedure (interrupted 4-0 sutures to suture the fascia to the muscular... READ MORE

Can I Exercise After a Skin Tightening Treatment?

Can you exercise after a skin tightening treatment on your butt & thighs? I was told I could not exercise or "sweat" after I have this... READ MORE

What Does It Mean when I Feel my Facial Skin Tightening Upon Application of a Topical Product?

Whenever I apply Cosmetic Skin Solution's Hydrating Gel with B5, I feel some tightening / pulling on my facial skin. Does that mean that the... READ MORE

I Had Radiofrequency Under Neck ($1000.00) and my Doctor Says It Takes Months to See Results (Still Puffy/swollen)?

I had rf under my neck in conjunction with a mini neck lift. My doctor says that it will take months to see results but I've read on sites that... READ MORE

Extra Skin on Sides Even After Mini Tummy Tuck

Can the extra skin be removed from the sides of the body? I already had a Mini tummy tuck, but I still have extra skin on my sides that dimples and... READ MORE

How Long Do the Flesh Colored Welts Last After Evolastin Procedure?

I had evolastin radio frequency procedure done 5 days ago and although the swelling and initial puncture wounds have much improved, the flesh colored... READ MORE

Is It Possible That Sciton Skin Tight Laser Setting 45 Can Burn Lower Layers of Skin?

Hi i had 4 sciton treatments for skin tightening. Setting was on 45. these were done 4 weeks apart. I have before and after photos but embarrassed to... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Jowl Tightening/Chin Implant. Do You Recommend Ultra Sound Therapy?

I have had a face lift and jowl tighting and chin implant. it has been 8 wks, do you recommend ultra sound therapy? READ MORE

If Your Neck Needs More Tightening, Can it be Done After Your First Surgery?

If your neck needs more tightening> can it be done after your first surgery READ MORE

Would skintyte be an option for skin tightening after cheek fat transfer?

Had fat transfer to the cheek area over a year ago. Would the heat from skintyte negatively affect that result or potentially cause atrophy? READ MORE

Does Indiba Deep Beauty Really Work?

I've been researching RF treatments for a good while and purchased a course of Indiba Deep Beauty. I've only had 2 treatments so far, but... READ MORE

Viora Reaction - How Long is It Per Session for Skin Tightening?

I just paid $1000/4 treatments. Got my 1st session 20 mins ago. I researched about Viora Reaction & found that for tummy skin tightening, the... READ MORE

double chin looks *worse* after Ultrasound Cavitation/ Radio Frequency?

First session 22hours ago. Chin feels softer? But chin fat looks worse: changed shape, looks lower/more prominent. It's not loose skin (I'm 33 with... READ MORE

Pigment Reduction- Moles and Freckles

I am having q switched Laser treatments every 6 weeks (i had 2 so far and the last one was only 2 weeks ago) for some moles to lighten and for... READ MORE

I have seen no difference from the "taster" sessions of Endymed Skin Tightening on my face. Is it an effective treatment?

I am haveing endymed skin tighting in few weeks . But my doctor gave me 2 taster sessions . I see no difference at all . Is it worth the money ? And... READ MORE

Can Endymed Help Reducing my Eyebags?

I have done Ultera for face 6 months ago. Can I have Endymed now to help reducing my eyebags? READ MORE

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