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Is Glutathione Pill A Good Lightening Agent? What Are Potential Side Effects?

Am considering buying Glutathione capsule to lighten up my skin, cause I heard this is what some celebs use, I would love to know if there is no side... READ MORE

Is Topical Hydroquinone Safe for Skin Lightening?

I've heard that hydroquinone may cause cancer so I am obviously worried about using it for lightening up my skin tone.  Are there alternatives? READ MORE

Safe Skin Lightening Cream

I am trying to find a perfect skin lightening cream but i am woried about safety. i want a cream that fades and bleaches skin but with out givin me... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 8% Safe to Lighten Skin After 3 Fraxel 1 Dual? Seeing Some Improvement, Not As Expected or Advised by Dr. (photo)

Hydroquinone 8% Safe to Lighten Skin After 3 Fraxel 1 Dual Fraxel Seeing Some Improvement, Not As Expected or Advised by Doctor READ MORE

Benoquin Safety for Skin Lightening Safe?

Is benoquin safe for skin lightening if used in diluted form, like mixing in a vaseline body lotion? Will it cause skin lightening? Additional... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Tri Luma when I've Already Had a Reaction to Hydroquinone?

I have dark brown spots on my cheeks, forehead and upper lip I used OTC creams with hidroquinone but I get a reaction to it redness and swollen on the... READ MORE

What is the Safest and Most Effective Way for Skin Lightening?

I am 46-yr-old Asian woman with type IV skin. I want to lighten my skin tone a couple shades. I tried all sorts of skin lightening creams, either over... READ MORE

PRP Skin Lightening - Does This Procedure Work?

In Korea, there is a procedure to help skin color lighter which is PRP (Platelet Rhich Plasma) theraphy. It is extracted from fat then injected on the... READ MORE

Is Hydroquinone 20% safe to use for a short term time?

Like two 8 Oz. Bottles or up to one month? I want to bleach my body and Face at least 3-5 shades lighter. And I want it fast. READ MORE

I Want to Bleach the Skin on my Penis Due to Uneven Coloring. Is This Possible? (photo)

I am a 25-year old healthy male with no STDs or any history of such. But from as far back as I can remember the skin on my penis has been two... READ MORE

What's an Effective Way to Lighten Skin Like Celebs? Can Skin Lightening Be Safe?

Is it possible for someone to lighten their skin like sammy sosa or lil kim? in general whats the most effective way to lighten skin, does it give the... READ MORE

Which is the Best Anal Bleaching Technique?

I need to know which is the safest and efficient anal bleaching technique. READ MORE

Will the Melagenol Oral Skin Whitening Product Really Work? Is It Safe? (photo)

According to a press release from Monteloeder, the company is coming out with an oral skin-whitening product called Melagenol. They claim that taking... READ MORE

Treatment for Lightening South Indian Skin?

Which treatment or medication is safe and effective for lightening the skin of south Indian skin types? I am a 32-year-old-female with skin type 5/6,... READ MORE

Mequinol 5% with Tretinoin 0.01% to Lighten the Skin Safe?

I am currently using mequinol 5% and tretinoin that I have been able to obtain and have tested for purity. I would like to know how safe is it to use... READ MORE

Glyquin XM for Ethnic Skin?

Is Glyquin XM safe for ethnic skin, and does it work for ethnic skin types? READ MORE

I'm a dark brown skin female and trying to find a healthy way to whiten my skin. Any suggestions for treatment? (photo)

I'm dark brown complexion and just wanting to enhance my skin to a lighter complexion. I have done research for a long period of time and dont know... READ MORE

Skin lightening for African American?

Hello I'm a African American dark skin girl who lives in Hawaii . My question is the IV PEEL ..Safe ? And is it safe to bleach after a IV peel . READ MORE

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