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What is the Best Whitening Cream for the Face?

What is the best whitness cream for face? READ MORE

Possible to Lighten Facial Skin to Match Body's Skin Tone?

When I was young (under 6 years old) my face skin was very white, but now I am 19 years old and my face skin and hands became dark. however my body... READ MORE

Can Triluma Be Used for Other Areas than Face?

I am African-American and have dark spots on my abdominals which are from a 1st degree burn injury. My dermatologist prescribed triluma cream to treat... READ MORE

Lightening Asian Skin Back to Natural Color (3-4 Shades)

I am a fairly light olive skinned Asian, but my face is still 3-4x darker, some sort of perma-tan combined with acne scarring even after sun avoidance... READ MORE

Obagi During Laser Hair Removal

Hello , Can I use the obagi whitening line that contains 4% HQ and vitamin C during the period of laser facial hair removing sessions ?? READ MORE

I Am 27 Years Old my Face Colour is Dark Compared to my Neck Due to Tanning of Face?

My face is dark compared to my neck, I showed to few doctors they said it is due to tanning, I want my face colour match with my neck colour, So... READ MORE

How can I improve my skin colour and brightness?

Hi doctor, my skin colour is dark, my face in normal how to get improve my skin colour and brightness. please some details to me with any side effect. READ MORE

Is Hydroquinone 20% safe to use for a short time period?

For example using 2 8oz. Bottles or up to 1-1. 5 months. I want to bleach my body body and Face at least 3-5 shades lighter. READ MORE

Mela Care is Good for Face Skin or Not and How Long I Can Use?

Hi, mela care is good or mela long?in December my marriage,n i have acne scars on my face,and dusky complexion ,so suggest some quik good home... READ MORE

How to Make my Face and Body Even-toned?

I am an African-American, and I was brown-skinned when I was a baby. Now, I'm a teenager, and I see that I am way darker, but only on my face. The... READ MORE

Will Skin Lightening Cream Help to Remove Completely Sun Tan on Face?

I have dark shades on my forehead one is light and other is moderate pigmented,which is slightly propagated on the under eyes. which is due to sun... READ MORE

My Doctor Prescribed my Epiquin Micro (Hydroquinone 4%) to Reduce the Black and Brown Spot

I am using it daily twice and its been a 1 week almost, i am noticing the color of my face is getting even, but however the overall skin color is... READ MORE

Options for Lightening Skin Tone?

What are all the available options for lightening the skin tone in the body including the face? Depigmentation therapy, slowing down the enzyme... READ MORE

How to Even out Facial Skin Tone?

I have different darkened areas in the face and I want to get rid of them. How can I do this? What treatment would you suggest? READ MORE

Hydroquinone for Lightening Overall Facial Complexion?

I have developed a problem, which I first noticed in November last year. My face is significantly browner (all over) that the rest of my body,... READ MORE

Procedure for a Brighter Look?

I am 36 years old, I have some dark to medium brown spots on my face, and some few pimples. Should I use IPL, Laser Treatment, Fraxel Laser, or what... READ MORE

Why is Tretinoin and Hydroquinone Should Not Be Use by Pregnant?

I was using a product that contains tretinoin and hydroquinone before i found out I am pregnant? I used it probably 5x until I'm 8 weeks.What are... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a professional to bleach/lightening the whole face and body?

I'm A darkskin African American that's trying to get atleast five times lighter without the Dull grey skin look bleaching creams give.. HELP PLEASE!! READ MORE

My Face is Dam Black Than my Rest of Body What to Do?

My nody and legs are so white that if u see seperately u ll say that face is different and body is of different person.... READ MORE

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