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Procedures for Dark Elbows and Knees?

For years I've had to embarassingly deal with dark elbows and knees. I've scrubbed for a while and used lightening skin cream, and they've worked to a... READ MORE

How to Lighten Skin on Bikini and Groin Area?

I'm a 23-year-old Latina woman of light complexion. Is there a reason and a solution for having a darker skin tone in my bikini and groin area? I... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have to Remove Dark Marks on Legs

I've had darks marks caused by mosquito bites for quite a long time and i would like to have them removed before i go on vacation end of next week... READ MORE

How to Correct Dark Forehead?

I am 29 yrs old male. I have a darkness in my forehead. I am facing this problem from past 10-15 yrs. I used to drive motorcycle with out helmet from... READ MORE

What Will Remove Many Dark Scars From Mosquito Bites?

I have had dark mosquito marks on my legs for years and I am embarrass to show my legs because they look horrible. I have tried different items but... READ MORE

How To Treat Upper Lip Dark Spots? (photo)

I am a 30 year old male. I have had these brown spots forever-probably congenital. They are not growing in size nor changing color-not present in any... READ MORE

Skin Lightening for Dark Ankles?

I have dark ankles that from wearing boots over the years. I desperately need something other than ointments that I have used over the year to lighten... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Tri Luma when I've Already Had a Reaction to Hydroquinone?

I have dark brown spots on my cheeks, forehead and upper lip I used OTC creams with hidroquinone but I get a reaction to it redness and swollen on the... READ MORE

How to Remove Dark Patches for Olive Skin?

I'm of Mediterranean origin and have an olive skin. I have freckles from childhood and have recently moved to Tunis and it's pretty sunny and have... READ MORE

How can I whiten dark spots?

How to whiten dark spot from the bite of bed bugs? READ MORE

Can Dark Spots Between Thighs and Bottoms Be Removed?

I have dark spots on my inner thighs, bottoms and the skin fold of my private part. Also, on underarms. Is there a method to clear the skin out? READ MORE

How Do Get Even Skin Tone on my Legs?

I have dark spots from healed injuries. I basically want to achieve an even skin tone, especially on my legs. Any advice? READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Dark Spots on my Legs That Have Been There for 2 and a Half Years the Quicker Way? (photo)

My legs are occupied by dark spots since 2010, i tried usung bio oil and nothing happened, i also tried using oil lasante but it intead got my legs... READ MORE

How to get back to my normal skin colour?

I used to have much dark spots on my face and someone recomended a certain cream which I started using but all of a sudden my face is lighter than my... READ MORE

Can you suggest any remedies to make pigmentation in the corners of my lips disappear? (photos)

From a young age i have suffered from dark corners on my lips because as a kid i could not stop licking my lips. I am now older and would like to get... READ MORE

What is the Best Natutal Remedy for Burnt Skin Due to Peeling?

Hi, I am an asian with fair complexion but my underarm and inner thighs are 5x darker than my complexion. 2 weeks ago I tried this whitening kit. My... READ MORE

Please Help I Had Dark Spot on my Legs!!?

I had dark spot on my legs and I use Lightning cream on the dark spot but the spot got lighter but too light what can I do to get the color back on my... READ MORE

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