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I Have Dark Underarms, Which Skin Lightening Cream Works?

A few years back i got a rash because of heat and underarms got really dark. Do you know if the cream meladerm would work? if not do you recommend any... READ MORE

Products for Lighter Skin? (photo)

I'am from India.My skin is dark complexioned.Please suggest me obagi products which can lighten my skin and the price too READ MORE

Skin Lightening on Buttocks Area

The skin on my buttocks and bikini line is too dark compare to my other parts. I have used many products to lighten it but there was no positive... READ MORE

Looking for A Good Dermatologist for Skin Lightening for a Patient Living Abroad?

Hello, I'm a dark skin french woman. My wish is to unify my overall complexion and get few shades lighter. To put it simple i would like to go from my... READ MORE

Want to lighter as well as even skin tone permanently? What will be cost for that?

I have dark skin and the Jaw and chin are very darker than rest of theface and thehands skin. I want even skin tone of my face and want to lighter the... READ MORE

Please What Cream Can I Use on My Face?

I have a dark face and a fair body. I have tried every cream but the face is still dark. I'm planning to start using fair and white lotion the pink... READ MORE

Want to Be Handsome with Fair Skin, is It Possible?

I am dark complexioned and i wanna be fairer as much as possible. is it possible? i am 22 yrs old and working in hollywood movies as a VFX artist... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Bleach/lighten Skin in the UK?

I want to lighten my skin...see my skin color is like dark chocolate and I'd like it to be lighter like a lighter skin color... please help!! READ MORE

My Face Looks Very Dark in Places Where There is Less Light Like Inside a Car or a Washroom with Low Lights?

It doesnt seems normal because the relative difference in complexion as it seems in appropriate lights and in low lights is too much. moreover my face... READ MORE

Is there any safe lightening treatment for anus area and vagina?

I've got a darker skin down there but it's not an issue as I know it's normal the actual thing that's bothering me is my inner labia :/ their getting... READ MORE

How can I lightening skin?

Im african,my back,legs,back my arms is extremly dark but my face, chest is extrem lighter. It looks so different and so odd. READ MORE

Suggestion for lightening products?

I am dark skinned..but I need a cream that can lighten my skin without hydroquinone or anything that will give me side effects in the future...can I... READ MORE

I have got dark skin around nose and neck. Could you help me to treat it. (photo)

I have attached the flicks of my nose and neck. I have been using lemon and tomato for the past month.I couldn't see any improvement.It would be... READ MORE

What treatments work best for dark skin on my fingers? (photos)

Hello, I have struggled with having dark fingers have my life and am looking for ways to lighten them. I have uploaded two pictures to give you an... READ MORE

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