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Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels for Dark Armpits?

I'm Asian; me & my sisters have these dark underarms. I've had them ever since I was little and I have always been embarassed about raising my arm... READ MORE

Facial Pigmentation Caused by Bleaching Cream?

I'm an Asian girl who has dark facial pigmentation as a result of using jolen (bleaching cream). I believe I used too much bleaching powder and this... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Depigment Skin Completely?

I am a korean female in my 20's and I looking not to lighten my skin to my original skin tone but to depigment my skin completely from head to toe.... READ MORE

What is the Safest and Most Effective Way for Skin Lightening?

I am 46-yr-old Asian woman with type IV skin. I want to lighten my skin tone a couple shades. I tried all sorts of skin lightening creams, either over... READ MORE

I Shaved my Armpits when I Was in High School. It's Still Dark After All These Years Why?

I'm Asian and now 28 years old. High school was ages ago. Why are my underarms still hyperpigmented? I used hydroquinone solution back in college... READ MORE

Lightening Asian Skin Back to Natural Color (3-4 Shades)

I am a fairly light olive skinned Asian, but my face is still 3-4x darker, some sort of perma-tan combined with acne scarring even after sun avoidance... READ MORE

My Hands Are White but my Face is Light Tan...why? (photo)

I've my hands white but my face is light asian origin and i want to know whats the possible reason behind this....i also have acne problem..... READ MORE

my hands and feet are dark. what should i do to get relief from this?

Plz tell me creams lotin or treament fo tis,,i am frm pakistan plzzz helppp meee READ MORE

I'm an Asian female with light tan skin, how many shades can you lighten your skin tone with hydroquinone 2%?

I have light tan skin but have always wanted a porcelain or white complexion. I am an Asian female. If I used hydroquinone for an extended period of... READ MORE

Can I use melarase creams for melasma if I am Asian?

I am asian and have developed melasma on my face after starting birth control pills. Is it ok to use melarase creams if I have sensitive skin and have... READ MORE

Can I use Hydrocortisone, Tretinoin and Cortisone in combination to lighten my Asian skin?

I am 19 year asian,i have been using tretinoin for past few months for acne spots but it has nt worked that well.Now am considering trying... READ MORE

Best Way to Lighten Dark Lips

I am a 23 years old Asian with naturally hyperpigmented full lips(dark brown to be more precise). I have no history of skin diseases and would like... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure to Lighten my Dark Lips?

Hi i'm Asian and i have very dark lips. I want to get rid of the darkness of my lips and get a more lighter pink lips. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgical Procedure to Lighten Skin Color?

I am naturally dark Asian Indian female and I was wondering if there are surgical procedure to lighten skin color? I have used many creams using... READ MORE

Is it possible to lighten the color of my penis?

I am Asian. My skin tone is light brown. but the color of my penis is darker. I know that it is already part of my genes and all. But I kind of like... READ MORE

What is Best to Use to Make Skin Lighter?

Hey, im a asian pakistani girl my skin is not too dark but some areas are like my neck is really dark compared to my face. I want to make my skin go... READ MORE

Is it possible to whiten skin with laser treatments?

I am Korean but tan-skinned compared to my friends who have pale, milky skin. Since the color of your skin is determined by the amount of melanin that... READ MORE

What laser treatments result in a lighter complexion or skin tone?

I am a korean female but I have relatively tan skin compared to my pale-skinned friends. I am wondering what laser treatments will get me the whitest... READ MORE

My face is significantly darker than my hands and the rest of my body! Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm a 23 years old Asian female. It could be due to not using sunscreen when I was younger. For more than a year, I have used sunscreen and avoided... READ MORE

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