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How Do I Remove Dark Facial Pigmentation? The Doctor Demonstrates

This patient of Dr. Lavinia K. Chong's wants to remove her dark facial pigmentation. The doctor's suggestion? See for yourself. VIEW NOW

How Do Men and Women Age Differently?

Face it, men and women age differently. But how? Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. explains what to look for facially. VIEW NOW

Fraxel Laser: What It Is and What It May Do For You

Learn about Fraxel is and how it could help you look younger. Details from Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. VIEW NOW

"It's Nothing Like What Your Preconceived Notions Are" — This Busy Mother Shares How She Ages Gracefully

In her early 40s, Maeve shares how she's wading into the water of plastic surgery as she aims to age gracefully. VIEW NOW

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3 Ways the Face Ages — Do You Know the Signs?

There are three different ways the face ages, says Dr. Larry S. Nichter. What are they? Your answer in 90 seconds. VIEW NOW

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41-Year-Old Woman Shares Why She Gets Botox, Juvederm, and Ultherapy

Dr. Bradley Bengtson's patient Holly explains her anti-aging regimen. VIEW NOW

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"Smooth as a Baby's Butt" — This Man Shows What His Skin Looked Like Before Electrolysis

Donovan once suffered from scars, bumps, and in-grown hairs. See his results after working with Dr. R. Gil Altman. VIEW NOW

Who Hasn't Had Acne? Ways to Treat Any Scars Left Behind

Acne gone but the scars remain? Dr. Terrence Keaney explains how to finally clear up your skin. VIEW NOW

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What Is a Photofacial? What You Need to Know About IPL

Dr. Lorrie Klein explains what IPL stands for and who makes a good candidate for this skincare treatment. VIEW NOW

What Is a Rejuvenize Peel?

Rejuvenize peels are some of the strongest on the market. Here's what you need to know about this "bigger gun" treatment, as explained by Dr. Lorrie Klein. VIEW NOW

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Got a Special Event Coming Up? Hear This Doctor's Skincare Advice

Want more instant skincare results? You'll want to hear this skincare advice from Dr. Lorrie Klein. VIEW NOW

Illuminize Peel: What You Need to Know About This Quick Skincare Technique

Heard of Illuminize? Dr. Lorrie Klein explains how this "pre-party peel" works. VIEW NOW

How Many IPL Treatments Do I Need For the Best Results?

Curious about IPL? Dr. Lorrie Klein explains how many treatments you should sign up for to see the best skincare results. VIEW NOW

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How Does the Face Age? The Answer Might Surprise You

We all age but how does it happen? Dilip D. Madnani explains by using two of the most famous faces in Hollywood. VIEW NOW


Living Healthy: How It Can Make You Look Years Younger

This 43-year-old feels like she looks years older than her actual age. There's a way to avoid that wear and tear and it starts with healthy living, says Dr. Amiya Prasad. Hear his advice. VIEW NOW