Skin Care Videos

What Can Young People Do Now to Avoid Skin Problems Down the Road?

For those who wish to belay the trip to the operating table, Dr. Ross Clevens offers a few helpful skin-saving tips. VIEW NOW

Improving Your Skin Starts Today With These Helpful Tips

Here, Dr. Mark Hamilton goes over the various skin treatments available and how they focus on specific problems. VIEW NOW

The Best Age to Start Botox or Fillers

Dr. Stephen Weber talks about the best age at which to start regular maintenance using fillers or Botox. VIEW NOW

Taking Care of Your Face After CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Dr. Mark Hamilton explains the correct method of taking care of your skin after CO2 laser resurfacing. demonstrating on a patient who, six days earlier, underwent this procedure. VIEW NOW

Quick and Easy Botox Treatments Get You Back to the Office in No Time

Dr. Mark Hamilton administers Botox to a woman's forehead and crow's feet areas, taking less than five minutes for the full treatment. VIEW NOW

Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport: What's the Difference and Why Should I Care?

Different names, same product. Dr. Vincent D. Lepore describes the differences between Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport, and what it matters to you. VIEW NOW

Skincare Regimen For Patients in their 30s

Dr. Brett Snyder talks about skincare products that women of a certain age should be using or looking into using. VIEW NOW

Avoid these "Three S's" to Keep Your Skin Looking Great, Longer!

Dr. Joe Shvidler shares his simple trick that will guide anyone through years of beautiful skin maintenance. VIEW NOW

Skin Care 101: Eating Right and Staying Hydrated

How much water do we have to drink to keep our skin hydrated and what foods are best? Dr. Alina Stanciu explains. VIEW NOW

How Important Is Collagen and Retinol in Skin Care?

Dr. Alina Stanciu discusses the importance of both exfoliation and moisturizing in order to keep you skin healthy and glowing. VIEW NOW

Can Certain Facial Oils Prevent Aging?

Did you ever think that adding more oil to your face could be beneficial? No? Then you'll definitely want to hear what Dr. Alina Stanciu has to say. VIEW NOW

When Will Sun Damage Begin to Show on My Skin?

If you're worried about the damage you might have been doing to your skin over the years of sun bathing or tanning, Dr. Jennifer Ahdout explains what signs will begin to show first and when. VIEW NOW

"SPF 30 Doesn't Get Your Any Bonus Points" and Other Sunscreen Myths

Dr. Jennifer Ahdout dispels some misconceptions about sunscreen and some of these points were a real surprise! VIEW NOW

Removing or Reducing the Appearance of Sun Spots Start Small and Build

Sun and age spots can be a real eye sore, so Dr. Jennifer Ahdout talks about how, in the treatment of these stubborn blemishes, the approach should be to start small and work to the bigger treatments or procedures gradually. VIEW NOW

JIs It Safe For African Americans to Bleach Their Skin?

Bleaching the skin in African American has been a long-standing controversial topic. Dr. Jennifer Ahdout addresses this issue. VIEW NOW

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