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Best Tips for Rejuvenating Skin to Reverse Signs of Aging

I would LOVE to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines. Are there skin rejuvenating secrets or tips experts could share with... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Uneven Skin Tone?

I am 15 years old and I have really badly uneven skin tone on my back. I want to get rid of it fast before summer so I can wear things that show my... READ MORE

Remedy for Damaged Skin Caused by Steroid Cream?

About 7 years ago, I was told by a dermatologist to use a steroid cream to help with uneven skin tone on my cheeks. I applied it all over my face and... READ MORE

How do I get the PERFECT skin?

I have all these imperfections on my face. Bumps, a bit of scarring, uneven color, dilated pores, etc. Ive tried the fancy creams, facials, IPL... READ MORE

Even out skin tone best solution? (Photo)

I'm nearly 60. No wrinkles. Oily skin with large pores age spots and uneven skin tone READ MORE

Uneven Complexion/Skin? (photo)

So I'm a dark skinned Latina. I like my olive skin I just don't like that its not all the same color. Like my Face is light but them I have some areas... READ MORE

What treatments could I get to fix my uneven skin tone ? (photo)

I feel like my skin is lighter at my jaw line and it does darker towards my cheeks. I have some pigmentation spots from old pimple too. I'm open to... READ MORE

I have veins on my face after using a cream. What should I do? (Photo)

I went to the dermatlogist because I had really dry itchy skin and it was cracking. My doctor gave me cream called triamcinolone acetonide. Its an... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for even complexion of my face; FotoFacial, CO2 resurfacing or other? (photo)

Picture is what i look like typically, minus the zit the blotchiness is exacerbated by warm showers or exercise i have had a few two layer chemical... READ MORE

How do I get a better or go back to my skin tone after bleaching cream? (photo)

I started using bleaching cream last year. At first I didn't know what I was really doing. I found out that it wasn't working. It started to caused... READ MORE

What skin treatment would help even my skin tone? (Photo)

This picture is for my upcoming rhino/chin implant surgery. But I really notice how blotchy/freckled/uneven I am. What could you suggest? READ MORE

I am a 32 years old female and suffering from pimples and scars. What's the best treatment for me?

Having uneven skin tone and dull complexion.. Tired many products including Olay, Murad, kheil's, Clinique but no help so far please help. Also seeing... READ MORE

How can I make my skin tone even? (Photo)

I use bronztone which is a product of maxitone. When I started using it @first, it looked so good on me, but lately noticed my neck, arm is looking... READ MORE

How can I restore my skin tone to its original color?

My skin has been tanned on my forearms, shins, face, and the back of my neck since I was around 7 years old. Apparently I never listened to my father... READ MORE

What is causing my uneven skin patched? (photos)

Hi, Ive been experiencing uneve skin tone on my lower back and hips and now it has appeared on my stomach aswell, they are irregular patches that... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin? What steps can I take to get lighter, even and smoother and less oily skin? (Photo)

Okay since birth I've had this condition where literally dark patchy skin would come off on my baby cloth when my mom gave me a bath. Fast forward to... READ MORE

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