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Will Anything Help to Thicken Thin Skin?

I have had dermabrasion for removing old acne scars with very very fine dermabrasion kit at home and it removed all the scars that I had from acne... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the small, flesh-colored bumps under my eyes? (photos)

I assume it's milia, syringoma or sebaceous glands that are causing the bumps. I'm 36 and have VERY THIN, SENSITIVE skin. Are there non-surgical... READ MORE

Can I use Cerave moisturizing cream on the area of skin folds of my penis? (photo)

Hi, Can i use Cerave moisturizing cream on the area of skin folds of my penis? On a thin skin under penis head after a steroid's creams therapy for... READ MORE

What's the best way to help with collagen depleted, thinning skin?

I'm 43 years old experiencing rapidly thinning skin. It's especially bad around my eyes (lids and hollow around lower eye) but really my whole skin on... READ MORE

Amino Acids to Improve Thin Skin?

I've heard that there are several key amino acids in collagen & elastin including glycine, alanine... etc. I'm 29 yrs old. I have thin,... READ MORE

Thinned, Damaged Skin - Options?

Several years ago I went threw an obsessive compulsive phase in which I applies various creams, lasers (Dermawand), etc. I applied cortisone as well... READ MORE

Hyfrecation Under Eyes?

I had hyfrecation under my eyes for sebaceous glands that were visible due to very thin skin. it has been 9 days and some of the glands that were... READ MORE

Do steroid creams permanently thin skin?

I used a steroid cream extensively for six weeks. If I stop using the cream, will my skin regain it's original thickness or is the collagen... READ MORE

My skin is very thin and dull. What's the best treatment?

I am 37 yrs old... i have very thin skin and its dull...i have develoed acne also.....i have dark complexion.. READ MORE

My left index finger bone was broken in a bike accident. After recovery it appears thin. Is there a way to thicken it? (Photo)

My left index finger bone had broken due to bike accident. After recovery it appears very thin. Is there is any treatment or way to thicken it, just... READ MORE

Super thin facial skin . Any cream that can help me?

I ate accutane for about 10 years ago that made my skin super thin! The skin has still not been restored itself. (My doctor prescribed Roaccutane... READ MORE

I have very slow deep skin deterioration in my left inner thigh. Any suggestions? (photos)

A year and a half ago I had been bitten by a tick in Brisbane, Queensland while hiking. I'm not sure if the bite was the cause, but since then I had... READ MORE

What is considered thin skin? And how do you deal with it?

I am a teenager. I went to get a facial this past week and was told that I have relatively thin skin. I was very upset to hear. First of all what is... READ MORE

What other options are there besides Retinol to boost turnover/collagen production?

I don't want to use Retinol because it thins the skin and mine is fairly thin (fair sensitive Irish/sweedish complexion) with pores that are too... READ MORE

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