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Any Side Effects of Solarium Machine?

Any side effects of solarium machine for my skin body READ MORE

Will Tanning in a Solarium Prevent Freckles?

Hi, my skin is naturally very white and i have a fair amount of freckles on my shoulders, arms and legs but nothing major. I don't really have any... READ MORE

Opinion on Tanning Beds for Vitamin D Synthesis?

How much sunlight is too much and increases the risk fo skin cancer? I like to use a tanning bed for about 10-15 minutes three to four times a week.... READ MORE

How to get long lasting tan?

When I was younger I could tan real easily and would stay tan for a long time but now it seems that I can't get tanned anymore except for on my... READ MORE

Getting a Safe Tan Using Sunblock?

I've heard various celebrities say that they obtain a safe tan by using sunblock regularly; it just takes them a longer time than someone who is using... READ MORE

Is it okay for me to use tanning beds to treat my depression?

I am very depressed living in a cold environment. I am depressed BECAUSE I am pale, so when I tan, my depression seems to just melt away, I swear!... READ MORE

Bumps on Forehead After Sun Exposure? (photo)

I get bumps on my forehead after I am in the sun or go to a tanning bed? What can this be from? READ MORE

Can You Use a Tanning Cream with the Vivite Cream?

I just started using vivite night cream in the evening and an antioxidant called Citrix that I bought from a dermotologist and was wondering if I can... READ MORE

Can You Tell Me What The Benefits of Red Light Tanning Beds Are?

Can you tell me if the red light tanning beds (do not tan - bulbs have been replaced with red light bulbs) are really good the your skin i.e.... READ MORE

Do Tanners Affect Topical Ointments?

Does using self tanners affect the potency of topical ointments such as protopic or Novitel? READ MORE

What Are the Best and Safest Self Tanning Pills?

I want a self tanner that won't turn me orange and if there are any i would like one that only gives me a slight tan i can't go from pale white to a... READ MORE

How Long Does my Skin Need to Get Its Natural Color Back After Getting Dark from Summer?

How long does my skin need to get its natural color back after getting dark from summer? READ MORE

My skin was fair But due to tan it became dull ,so to reduce tan I used Ubtan (mixture of sandal dust,turmeric,rose water ,

,glycerin ) the recovery of Skin Was good.But someone Advised me that better to remove the ubtan by Scrubbing when it Get Dry,After that advice I... READ MORE

Whats the Most Reliable Self Tanner?

I heard that Jergen's tanning cream is good but I want to make sure that I buy a product that will give me a nice light tan and not turn my skin... READ MORE

Is tanning really that bad? What about early detection? I feel so sick and sun deprived. I just want some color!!!

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my skin tone. I look and feel so much better with a tan. I spray tan, but the down time in... READ MORE

Sun Spots?

I am very fair skinned and do not tan. I like to use self tanner but as I have gotten older I cannot use it on my legs because when I do there are so... READ MORE

How can I restore my skin tone to its original color?

My skin has been tanned on my forearms, shins, face, and the back of my neck since I was around 7 years old. Apparently I never listened to my father... READ MORE

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