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Treatment for Hypopigmentation?

Has anyone found a treatment for hypopigmentation? I don't have dark spots, I have white spots (face, neck, chest, back). I tried IPL and it... READ MORE

Lighter Spots Around my Nose and Mouth are Painful and Spreading

I am stressed alot and I do be in the sun alot but i havent had any problems before. its starting to spread and is really dry. It gets achy when i... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment to Remove Brown Spots on the Face for Tan Skin? (photo)

I'm 16 w/ tan skin. I used to have 3 brown spots on my face when I was a kid. Now almost half of my face has brown spots. I don't know what... READ MORE

I Have Lots of Tiny Flesh Coloured Spots on my Forehead, How Can It Go Away Naturally?

I Have Lots of Tiny Flesh Coloured Spots on my Forehead, How Can It Go Away Naturally i am 13 and have not experienced acne READ MORE

Dermaceutic Spot Peel. Good? Bad? What is the Downtime for Redness and Peeling?

I'm considering getting a Dermaceutic Spot Peel. What can I expect? How many days of redness will it last? And how many days of peeling? Any side effects? READ MORE

Help!!! Suffering From Black Spots All Over Legs, How To Get Rid of It? (photo)

I've experiencing this condition. Any way I can get rid of it? It would be nice to show my legs for once, especially in the summer time. Your... READ MORE

What Are This Skin Spots? (Photo)

I'm getting this skins marks on my legs... the first one appeared on my left leg and after 2 months it started to disappear.(1pic) After this I've got... READ MORE

How To Treat Distinguishing Spots? (Photo)

I've had these spots for the duration of two years. It began as one and then another appearred. I'm looking for help as to what they are, and how can... READ MORE

I'm 24 with dry skin.Due to stress my face has become dull, with spots, bumps and aged. How can I improve it?

I do not eat any junk food,I follow a healthy diet which comprises of veggies, fruits and brown rice.Looks like it is not helping my skin in spite of... READ MORE

What would be a good way to take away dark bruised like skin spots from a piercing? (Photo)

I have gotten my dimples pierced about a year ago. I had to take them out for about 8 hours due to getting a tooth pulled. And noticed when I took... READ MORE

Spots on my shoulder and when I touch them they do not hurt? (photo)

I have 3 spots on my shoulder and when I touch them they do not hurt. I have just noticed them. Please, help me. READ MORE

What's the best, cheapest option to treat my black spots and large pores? (Photo)

M a poor boy can't afford expensive surgery. please help me by telling me best and manageable treatment or any type of therapy or some kind of surgery... READ MORE

I have light brown spots on my lips from previous very dry lips. How can I remove them? (Photo)

Please tell me ways to remove it at a low cost. You can include the high cost ones. Can you tell the most efficient way too? READ MORE

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