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What's the Best Daily Skin Care Regimen?

I need advice for facial skin care. Please recommend daily skin care steps that promote great skin tone. READ MORE

Do Face Lift Creams Really Work?

Like everyone (I know!) - want to delay facial surgery as looong as possible. may be a face lift cream will do the trick. READ MORE

Treatment for Chicken Skin on Underarms?

I have big bumps on my underarms. My last dermatologist told me that it was chicken skin (big bumps that is rough and unsightly). I tried moisturizing... READ MORE

Aquaphor on a Regular Basis to Remove Wrinkles?

I ended up putting Aquaphor all over my face after a spot TCA peel and notice that the skin around my eyes looks amazing. No wrinkles, smaller pores... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser vs IPL for Rosacea

Recently, I went to the doctor because I suspected I had Rosacea. He said it looks like I have a mild version (face is pink and break out frequently).... READ MORE

Does Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Cause Skin Allergic Reactions?

I have super sensitive skin that breaks out and gets flaky from lots of skin cleansers, even expensive anti-wrinkle creams. Is the cause likely sodium... READ MORE

What to Use for Removing Black Spots on Face?

I have dark spots on my face that go around I have like a beard from both ears to the chin and forehead. I used peeling creams, and at first it seemed... READ MORE

Milia or Just Clogged Pores?

I have very small, flat, white things under the skin that are visible. They look like flat whiteheads. I thought from descriptions I've read that... READ MORE

How Should I Care for Oily, Dry Skin?

I have combination skin that is dry and oily. Which products or product ingredients do you recommend for this skin type? READ MORE

What Does Milia Look Like?

I have a seed like growth that feels like it is more under the skin (on forearm) than a surface bump. It does not really pop out. I only feel a... READ MORE

What's the Best Skin Care Product for Wrinkles and Skin Tightening?

I avoid the sun, I have a healty diet and I exercise regularly. I am 50 years old and look great except I don't like the wrinkles on the side of my... READ MORE

Ethnic Skin Care Tips

I have what some would say is "ethnic skin" type. Lots of skin care information is for white tone only. What are tips for having great skin... READ MORE

What Should I Add to my Diet to Get Better Skin?

Are there proven ingredients or foods to improve skin tone, elasticity...or for avoiding aging winkles and facial lines? What diet changes are... READ MORE

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets

Celebs look sooo perfect on the red carpet!  How do hollywood stars get such perfect, radiant skin for their big events?   READ MORE

How to Fix Drastically Uneven Skin Tone on Face?

I am an african american female. The top half of my face is light and the bottom half is dark. My skin on my face is darker than my body as well. ... READ MORE

I Am 34 Years Old, What Type of Skin Care Should I Use?

I have oily/combination skin. I don't have any wrinkles. READ MORE

Help - I Am Young and Want to Look my Age!

I am 20, but people say I look 25 whenever I'm with my boyfriend. I look like his older sister.  I am so young and I just want to look my age... READ MORE

How Does Exercise Affect the Skin?

I have a very fast metabolism and I'm skinny/athletic looking, but I don't exercise at all. I would've preferred the curvy look and don't want to look... READ MORE

Treatment for Large Open Pores?

I am getting open pores on my skin. I am getting these without squeezing pimples. Actually, I don't get pimples but I'm getting open pores... READ MORE

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