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Can I Have Dematofibromas and Scar Removal Advice?

I have two dermatofibromas on my lower leg. My dermatologist said just leave them alone. They are each a little smaller than a dime, brownish red,... READ MORE

Removal of a Dermatofibroma Behind Knee (Insect Bite)

I've dermatofibroma behind my knee, got it from insect bite,doesn't hurt, but itches alot. My dermatologist said I can have it removed, but itll leave... READ MORE

How to Correct Small but Persistent Dog Ears on Forehead?

I had a dermatofibroma removed from my forehead, and it left small but visible dog-ears. I have read that small dog ears can go away with time, but... READ MORE

What Procedure Can Smooth out my Skin Above Eyes?

I had electrolysis 1 year ago and I was overtreated. Some atrophic scars appeared after 2-3 weeks ,but some new are still appearing Wrinkles appear... READ MORE

Esthetician Performed Extraction of Blackheads Before Chemical Peel Leaving Me With Scars That Burn?

I went to a Esthetician yesterday to treat my blackheads/whiteheads and some mild acne..i also told her that I would like to treat my mild acne... READ MORE

Can Retinol Cause Scarring?

Why would a strong OTC retinol (Green Cream 9) cause my skin to develop shallowly indented patches that look like very shallow scars? Thanks for your... READ MORE

Cellular Damage to Face?

I recently used a toner on my face containing glycolic 10% and salycilic acid 2%, combined with some vitamin c powder that i added. I used this twice... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Old Chickenpox Scars?

I have had chickpox scars for about 15 years on my stomach. Is there anyway I can get rid of these scars using home remedies? READ MORE

How can I treat the facial scars left by chicken pox? (photos)

I had chicken pox before two month( 20th Oct. 2013) after 26 days BAMS removed all scabs from my face with a cotton swab and it left lots of scars and... READ MORE

Getting small holes or pores on face after initial breakout from tretinoin. Is this normal?

I had a normal face, no real acne. I started using tretinoin 0.05 for two weeks everyday, i stopped because my face erupted in whiteheads.after a... READ MORE

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