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Bumpy Skin on Forehead

There's no other way to describe it -- the skin on my forehead is bumpy! They don't appear to be scars, and when I squeeze them this white stuff (as... READ MORE

Graves Disease Preventing Scarless Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment?

I am 52, female, and have developed sebaceous hyperplasia on my forehead. My current dermatologist says there is nothing she can do for me that... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Skin-Colored Forehead Bumps?

I am a 32yr old black woman, with these skin colored bumps on my forhead. I use a face wash prescribed by the doctor it was working but for the past... READ MORE

The Best Treatment for New Transverse Forehead Wrinkles?

I am 32, half-Asian, half-Caucasian, with rather dry, very sensitive, eczema-prone olive-toned skin. I have just recently "discovered" fine transverse... READ MORE

How to Correct Small but Persistent Dog Ears on Forehead?

I had a dermatofibroma removed from my forehead, and it left small but visible dog-ears. I have read that small dog ears can go away with time, but... READ MORE

What are the small colorless bumps that I cannot get rid of?

They are mostly on my forehead, I've been using acne products but nothing has helped I have had them for a long while now and they have not gonna away... READ MORE

Melasma - No Results from Tri-Luma?

I have melasma on my forehead. I used Triluma for 8 weeks with no results? READ MORE

Best treatment for terrible forehead texture and nose?

I am 15 years old, I do not have acne but the skin is uneven, the sides seem to be wrinkled and the forehead has many pores and lumps, I want a... READ MORE

Is There an Effective Way to Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads?

Hello, I have been having unsightly blackheads on my nose since puberty. I'm 21 now. The pores are very large on my nose and my forehead. I wish... READ MORE

I Have Lots of Tiny Flesh Coloured Spots on my Forehead, How Can It Go Away Naturally?

I Have Lots of Tiny Flesh Coloured Spots on my Forehead, How Can It Go Away Naturally i am 13 and have not experienced acne READ MORE

My lifelong cheeks hollowed out, but at age 40 have deep, static nasal labial lines. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Which are: the dynamic 'smile' lines that ripple over my cheeks when I smile as of a few years ago. I do not want to fill in the mid-cheek as I like... READ MORE

I have brown spots on my forehead and a red ring on the top of my lip which stings . What can I do to get rid of them? (Photo)

Im 26 years old n i get remarried n april.I had a small red ring at the tope of my forhead it then got bigger and then I started using witch hazel it... READ MORE

What is this non-itchy, dry rash on my neck, chest, and face? (photo)

It's happened over the last couple of weeks. It started as a small splotch of dry, flaky skin on one eye lid, then one on my other eyelid. Then a... READ MORE

I am a 17 year old male, I have a lot of pimples on my forehead & both cheeks. I want to remove them. (photo)

Hello Guyz please suggest me any home remedy or any chemical product i want to remove pimples with their markshere are some images of my pimples.... READ MORE

What treatment for my skin on the face after rogaine was use? It got on my face and now my skin is messed on forehead. (photos)

I have been using rogain 5% on the front part of my head. When I would apply it, it would run down my face some. Now my forehead has bumps and it... READ MORE

What kind of treatment I should get for blackheads, oily skin, and pores? (photos)

Ive always get blackheads all the time. I have a comb/oily skin, Sometimes I get oily on my forehead and nose too. I hate pores on my face. Need to... READ MORE

How do I treat colorless bumps all over my face? (Photo)

For over 2 years, I've been experiencing bumps all over my face, especially my forehead, My doctor prescribed a benzyl peroxide medication, which help... READ MORE

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