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How Much Does Milia Treatment Cost?

I have milia. It used to be only on my forehead for years but now its going on my whole face and its almost incurable to me. I want to see a... READ MORE

Cost of Milia Extraction on Eyelids?

I have milia on both my upper and lower eyelids. They have been there for 10 years now. What would be the cost of extracting them, since health... READ MORE

How Much Does Cosmetic Cyst Removal Cost?

How much does it generally cosr for removal of cyst, because in Canada it is considered cosmetic? READ MORE

Skin Tag Removal Cost?

How much does it typically cost to have Skin tags removed? READ MORE

Which is the Best Product for Oily Skin?

Hello! I want to ask you for a quality wash product, no matter the price. After my treatment with Roaccutane, acne disappeared, it left scars that I... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Few Sebaceous Hyperplasias?

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Few Sebaceous Hyperplasias? READ MORE

I have a skin tags around my anus due to a hemorrhoid a few years ago. How much does it cost to have it removed? (Photo)

I feel the pain is worth it. It takes 2 minutes to poop and 10 minutes to clean myself afterwards. If I am not at home or in my workplace locker room... READ MORE

How much does it cost to remove Milia from my nose and chin? (photos)

Hi! I have milia on my nose (about 16 on both sides) and chin (just one). I also have a couple of small ones on the top of my cheeks but they don't... READ MORE

What's the best option for syringoma removal? (Photo)

These small bumps cosmetically annoy me. Certainly I am not alone in this struggle, and I understand no cream or lotion can remove these small white... READ MORE

How much does it cost for cyst removal?

My bf has a cyst on the side of his nose. It's about 3/4 of an inch wide. He has had it since he was a child. How much would it cost to remove? READ MORE

What to do with my face under $500.00 for the most youthful impact? (photo)

I dermaroll @ home w/ good results, 4 fine lines & acne scars. I also do led therapy. I'm considering Dysport 4 my Glabella lines etc. & Restalyne 4... READ MORE

I'm overweight and 55. my skin's discolored and has fine lines. Is there anything I can do without major spending? (Photo)

I was always ugly even as a child I was bullied for being ugly but now I cry even more. Never was a sun worshipper but have had a hard life. I know I... READ MORE

I have small cyst on my forehead, and don't have insurance. How much will it cost to have it removed? (Photo)

I have a small cyst on my forehead and I want to remove it. But as i don't have insurance, what will be the cost of it in cash ??? And i also need any... READ MORE

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