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How Can I Get Rid of Age Spots?

I am guilty of not using proper skin protection from the sun..ok, i actually tanned every day of my 20s and 30s!!! So now I need to know what to do... READ MORE

Best Cream to Lighten Brown Spots on Hands?

I have lots of brown spots on my hands. Laser treatment did not take them away. What is the best cream I can buy to help? Thanks. READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Bad Discoloration, Dark Brown Dots and Scarring From Shaving Legs?

Ever since I started shaving, my pores would become inflamed and i would have extreme itchiness. But now it's stopped and I have no after effects... READ MORE

Can I get rid of brown spots from my hands with lemon juice?

I am 64 years old and wander if any home remedies could eliminate the brown spots from the back of my hands. Thank you kindly READ MORE

I Have a Brown Hard Bump on the Top Lip, Should I Be Concerned?

I have a brown hard bump on the top lip, I was not like that before, it was redish almost like a pimple but I dont know if it was a pimple or a... READ MORE

"Gentle" 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide "Spot" Cream Left Me with a Patch of Brownish-red Skin

I am fair-skinned. This happened several months ago and it is still apparent. What can be done? READ MORE

Is There Any Cream I Can Use for Brown Marks in Summer?

I've brown marks on my face as a side effect of Cymbalta.. I've been on Retin A for 3 months now and I've seen no improvement. Furthermore, I live in... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for brown spots and winkles for a 50 yr old?

What is the best treatment for brown spots and winkles for a 50 yr old? READ MORE

Dettol Antiseptic Burn to Nose

Two months ago I saw a red inflammatory mark on my nose, then picked at it, compressed it with too hot water & put dettol (antiseptic) on it... READ MORE

Which one of these is the most effective anti-aging home device?

I'm considering two anti-aging at home devices-a medical grade LED light (Quasar MD Plus) or a hand held anti-aging laser device (Tria Precision... READ MORE

Skin Issues on Buttocks

I have problems with my butt area skin. 1- Big painfull red acnes during my period, which their scar remains for years! 2- brown spots that has... READ MORE

PIH from 30% Salicylic Acid Chem Peel, Frosting Occured, What Should I Do? (photo)

I've done about 4 treatments just fine.The 5th treatment I actually had some frosting occur pretty aggressively? I do these at home as I cannot afford... READ MORE

My lifelong cheeks hollowed out, but at age 40 have deep, static nasal labial lines. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Which are: the dynamic 'smile' lines that ripple over my cheeks when I smile as of a few years ago. I do not want to fill in the mid-cheek as I like... READ MORE

I have a brown spot on my face. What treatment would you recommend to remove it? (photos)

Hello doctors, please help me. I have a small brown spot on my face, its been months I think I have this but I just noticed it last week. I am a 17... READ MORE

I have brown spots on my forehead and a red ring on the top of my lip which stings . What can I do to get rid of them? (Photo)

Im 26 years old n i get remarried n april.I had a small red ring at the tope of my forhead it then got bigger and then I started using witch hazel it... READ MORE

What to do after Triluma, 4% Hydroquinone & IPL did not work on erasing brown spots on face?

I am a naturally fair-skinned Asian. I have had brown patches on my skin that developed over time. I use sun screen daily and adamant about extra... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for the dark brown spots on my cheeks? (Photo)

Want to know is there any treatment for this I asked so many doctors but they are saying mi no READ MORE

What Should I Do??? Is My Skin Going To Stay This Color??? Please Help!!!! (photo)

I had a pimple about 2 weeks ago i popped it and the next day i used the sally Hansen bleaching kit i use it because i have facial hairs on my face i... READ MORE

Is there sunscreen that truly blocks UVA and UVB? Would zinc oxide ointment work?

If it is daytime then I am thoroughly coated in SPF 60+ zinc/titanium dioxide sunscreen. I reapply it 3 - 4 times every day. I wear sunglasses and a... READ MORE

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