Skin Cancer Videos

That's a Mole, Right? This Doctor Explains the ABCDEs of Skin Cancer

The sun shines in more places than you might expect, says Dr. Mitchell Schwartz. Learn the ABCDEs (yes, E!) of skin cancer. VIEW NOW

What Is Mohs Surgery? How Does It Remove Skin Cancer?

Dr. Michael Howard Swann discusses his approach to skin cancer using Mohs surgery. See before and after photos. VIEW NOW

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Mohs Surgery 101: This 2-Part Procedure Takes Down Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery can seem scary but Dr. Whitney Hovenic is here to discuss this highly successful skin cancer procedure. VIEW NOW

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I Have Skin Cancer — What Do I Need to Know About Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery gets a lot of coverage but what is it exactly? Dr. Minh O. Dang has the answers. VIEW NOW

How Do I Know If I Have Skin Cancer? Introducing Melanoma Monday!

Skin cancer can be hard to spot but here are easy tips from Dr. Bernard Raskin that can keep you healthy. VIEW NOW

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Where Can I Have Mohs Surgery Done on My Body?

Cancer's a frightening word but thanks to Mohs surgery, skin cancer can become more of a nuisance than anything else. Dr. Mary Alice Mina explains the surgery including expected pain level and potential scarring. VIEW NOW

Skin Care Cures: What Makes Mohs Surgery So Effective

Nothing's 100% but Mohs surgery's is one of the most effective skin cancer treatements available, says Dr. Carin Litani. Learn how it works. VIEW NOW

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How to Prevent Skin Cancer: Here’s How to Protect Yourself and What to Look For

Spots, moles, lesions — they could all be signs of skin cancer. Learn what to look for and how to keep yourself safe. Dr. Nagi K. Saied explains. VIEW NOW

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Can Skin Lightening Products Cause Cancer?

Skin lightening products have gotten a bad reputation throughout the years, even being blamed as a cause of cancer, but is it true? Dr. Jennifer Reichel weighs in. VIEW NOW

Avoid these "Three S's" to Keep Your Skin Looking Great, Longer!

Dr. Joe Shvidler shares his simple trick that will guide anyone through years of beautiful skin maintenance. VIEW NOW

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When Will Sun Damage Begin to Show on My Skin?

If you're worried about the damage you might have been doing to your skin over the years of sun bathing or tanning, Dr. Jennifer Ahdout explains what signs will begin to show first and when. VIEW NOW

"SPF 30 Doesn't Get Your Any Bonus Points" and Other Sunscreen Myths

Dr. Jennifer Ahdout dispels some misconceptions about sunscreen and some of these points were a real surprise! VIEW NOW

Removing or Reducing the Appearance of Sun Spots Start Small and Build

Sun and age spots can be a real eye sore, so Dr. Jennifer Ahdout talks about how, in the treatment of these stubborn blemishes, the approach should be to start small and work to the bigger treatments or procedures gradually. VIEW NOW

If You've Head Years of Unprotected Sun Exposure, You'll Want to Watch This

Dr. Michele Green explains the benefits of Photodynamic Therapy/Blu U to treat pre-cancerous cells in patients with extensive sun damage. VIEW NOW

The Importance of Regular Skin Cancer Examinations

Dr. Michele Green discusses her unique approach to skin cancer examinations and why it's so important for everyone to get a regular skin exam to help prevent or catch cancer early. VIEW NOW