Basal Cell Carcinoma + Skin Cancer

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How Do I Know my Doctor Removed All of my Basal Cell Carcinoma?

I went to see my derm four weeks ago for a bump on my nose. She treated it immediately as bcc, saying that it was small and did not go very deep. She... READ MORE

I Have a Bilateral Tumor on my Lash Line

It may be basal cell carcinoma what do you recommend READ MORE

Can a Bug Bite Cause Basal Cell Carcinoma? Or Chronic Inflammation/Irritation?

I was bitten on the side of my neck by an unknown insect (not a mosquito) in South Africa one year ago. The bite never completely healed and... READ MORE

Does Basal Cell Carcinoma Still Pose Health Risk if Only Under the Skin?

I had a small lesion removed from top of hand 5 years ago by a local doctor by excision. Biopsy results indicated it basal cell carcinoma and... READ MORE

Is It Appropriate for a Regular Family Physician (Not a Surgeon) to Perform Surgery on Basal Cell Carcinoma?

Is It Appropriate for a Regular Family Physician (Not a Surgeon) to Perform Surgery on Basal Cell Carcinoma? READ MORE

I Found What I Think is BCC on my Hip, Right Below a Small Tattoo?

Under a small tattoo on my hip I found what I think is BCC. It is reddish, scaley, and about the size of a dime and has slightly raised edges. It... READ MORE

How Can I Have a Small Bcc on my Upper Lip Removed Without Scarring?

How can i have a small bcc on my upper lip removed without scarring? I have had mohs for one bcc on my scalp (scar and balding) 2 on my right arm, 3... READ MORE

How Long Will This Particular Case of Basal Cell Carcinoma Take to Be Fatal? (photo)

I have a family member, with what I am positive is a large basal cell carcinoma, refusing doctor visits. The picture is what the cancer looked like 6... READ MORE

How Long Can I Wait Before Surgical Excision of Bcc?

I have 6 mm basal cell ca lesion on left trunk diagnosed by 4' 2012 biopsy. I have had for at least a year, and am scheduled to have lesion... READ MORE

What Should I Expect the Sight of a Basal Cell Removal to Look Like After 3.5 Weeks? (photo)

I had a basal cell removed from my upper left arm 3.5 weeks ago. after two weeks, the stitches were removed and steristrips were placed on it. I was... READ MORE

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