Basal Cell Carcinoma + Skin Cancer

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Can a Bug Bite Cause Basal Cell Carcinoma? Or Chronic Inflammation/Irritation?

I was bitten on the side of my neck by an unknown insect (not a mosquito) in South Africa one year ago. The bite never completely healed and... READ MORE

How Do I Know my Doctor Removed All of my Basal Cell Carcinoma?

I went to see my derm four weeks ago for a bump on my nose. She treated it immediately as bcc, saying that it was small and did not go very deep. She... READ MORE

I Have a Bilateral Tumor on my Lash Line

It may be basal cell carcinoma what do you recommend READ MORE

Does Basal Cell Carcinoma Still Pose Health Risk if Only Under the Skin?

I had a small lesion removed from top of hand 5 years ago by a local doctor by excision. Biopsy results indicated it basal cell carcinoma and... READ MORE

Is It Appropriate for a Regular Family Physician (Not a Surgeon) to Perform Surgery on Basal Cell Carcinoma?

Is It Appropriate for a Regular Family Physician (Not a Surgeon) to Perform Surgery on Basal Cell Carcinoma? READ MORE

I Found What I Think is BCC on my Hip, Right Below a Small Tattoo?

Under a small tattoo on my hip I found what I think is BCC. It is reddish, scaley, and about the size of a dime and has slightly raised edges. It... READ MORE

I have had 2 basal cell carcinomas on my nose and AK on my arm in last 2 years. Is there a laser treatment to help skin cancer?

I had a plastic surgeon recommend Ipl therapy and effudex cream would this be effective at eliminating bcc from reoccurring READ MORE

How Can I Have a Small Bcc on my Upper Lip Removed Without Scarring?

How can i have a small bcc on my upper lip removed without scarring? I have had mohs for one bcc on my scalp (scar and balding) 2 on my right arm, 3... READ MORE

How Long Will This Particular Case of Basal Cell Carcinoma Take to Be Fatal? (photo)

I have a family member, with what I am positive is a large basal cell carcinoma, refusing doctor visits. The picture is what the cancer looked like 6... READ MORE

What Should I Expect the Sight of a Basal Cell Removal to Look Like After 3.5 Weeks? (photo)

I had a basal cell removed from my upper left arm 3.5 weeks ago. after two weeks, the stitches were removed and steristrips were placed on it. I was... READ MORE

How Long Can I Wait Before Surgical Excision of Bcc?

I have 6 mm basal cell ca lesion on left trunk diagnosed by 4' 2012 biopsy. I have had for at least a year, and am scheduled to have lesion... READ MORE

Is this cancer? Basal cell carcinoma? (Photo)

Hi In the picture you will see a raised bump on my leg about1.5cm in diameter and irregular shaped. It appeared a few years ago as a red patch kind of... READ MORE

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