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If Silikon 1000 is a Permanent Filler, then How Do Doctors Correct Mistakes or Migration Problems?

How common is it to experience migrations after use of Silikon 1000? What is the process for reversing the problems that might occur with this filler? READ MORE

How Long Will a Silikon 1000 Injection Under my Eyes Last?

Will the dark circles come back gradually or all at once? READ MORE

What Causes the Silikon 1000 to Migrate Down in the Skin?

I understand Silikon 1000 lumps can occur if I get it as a lip filler. How often are lumps and migration a problem? READ MORE

Does Silikon 1000 Produce Natural-looking Effects for the Nose?

How long does it take for silikon 1000 to begin working? READ MORE

Which Dermal Filler Produces the Best Results: Silikon 1000 or Artecoll?

Is the risk of lumps similar with both fillers Silikon 1000 and Artefill? READ MORE

What Part of the Nose is Silikon 1000 Appropriate to Use?

Can dermatologists inject Silikon 1000 in the nose? READ MORE

Is Silikon 1000 FDA Approved for Treatment of HIV Facial Wasting?

What filler treatment is FDA approved for HIV side effects? READ MORE

What's the Best Silikon 1000 Injection Technique?

Since this is a permanent filler and it's going in my lips, I want to make sure that the microdroplet technique comes highly recommended. Are... READ MORE

Why Do Some People Insist That Silikon 1000 is Not a Medial-grade Filler?

Is it true that this synthetic filler (Silikon 1000) is comparable to ingredients used by car manufacturers and furniture builders to shine cars? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Inflammation to Improve After Silikon 1000 Lip Augmentation?

What medications can reduce the healing time for a lip filler like Silikon 1000 ? READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Tired Eyes

I have bags under my eyes that make me look tired. What are the results like for improving this look with Silikon 1000? What's the big advantage... READ MORE

How does collegen form in the lips from Silikon 1000 injections there?

Is it the growth of collegen that enhances the lips, not the Silikon 1000? I would like to understand more how this happens. READ MORE

Recovery from Silikon 1000 Treatment on Hands?

How soon would I be able to comfortably resume gardening after having a Silikon 1000 treatment to reduce wrinkles on the backs of my hands? READ MORE

Silikon 1000 How Does Injecting Silikon Work? Multiple Treatments, a Little at a Time? or All Done at Once?

I had scultra done about 3 months ago. It was GREAT the first week, when I was swollen, but now its all gone and I dont see any difference in the... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Silikon-1000 - Used As Filler for Under Eye Bags?

I'm 24 and i've always had a tired/sad look about my face i need some serious improvement, it will only get worse as i get older. fillers seem... READ MORE

How Often Are the Silikon 1000 Cheek Injections Recommended over Other Fillers?

What is the main advantage of Silikon 1000 to other fillers? READ MORE

What are Potential Problems of Using Another Filler on Top of Silikon 1000?

Hi. I am contemplating Silikon 1000 and am very interested in a natural look, so the following is unlikely to happen, but I'm curious about it: If... READ MORE

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