Sientra Breast Implants Videos

What Does 3D Imaging Look Like for Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Christine Clark used silicone implants on this patient who exercises regularly and is in good shape. See her before and 6 months after. VIEW NOW

See Your Breast Augmentation Results Before Surgery With 3D Imaging

This woman wanted larger natural looking breasts. Dr. David L. Kaufman showed her what silicone breast implants would look like on her in this 3D simulation. VIEW NOW

Anatomic Shaped Silicone Breast Implants Gave This Woman a Natural Look — See Her 3D Before & After

Dr. David L. Kaufman, performed breast augmentation on this woman. See her results 6 months after her surgery with 3D imaging. VIEW NOW

Thinking About Breast Augmentation? See This 3D Simulation

Dr. David L. Kaufman shares this 3D simulation of a young woman considering breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Self-Conscious About Her Breast Size — The Doctor Demonstrates Potential Enhancement for This Woman

Dr. David L. Kaufman uses 3D imaging to show this young woman what breast implants can do for her. See the before and after. VIEW NOW

Shaped Breast Implants: How to Decide If They're Right for You

Researching shaped breast implants? Learn the basics with Dr. Michael R. Schwartz. VIEW NOW


The Rice Test: Follow This Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Your Breast Implant Size

Dr. Heather J. Furnas demonstrates how to do the rice test to find out what size breast implants are best for you. To get started all you need is a pair of nylons, rice, and a bra in your ideal cup size. VIEW NOW


Breast Implants: What Are My Choices?

Overwhelmed by your breast implant options? Dr. Khashayar Mohebali explains the similarities and differences. VIEW NOW

After Breastfeeding, This Young Mother Got a Breast Augmentation — Hear Her Story

This mother shares how a breast augmentation changed her life. Learn about pain level and recovery. VIEW NOW


Gummy Bear Implants: Are They the Right Choice For You?

Dr. Elisa A. Burgess discusses different incision techniques for breast implants. VIEW NOW

What's New in Breast Augmentation? Your Answer in Under 5 Minutes

Dr. Elisa A. Burgess explains the latest in breast augmentation techniques and implants. VIEW NOW

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Tips to Best Communicate Your Breast Augmentation Goals

Dr. Tom J. Pousti shares his advice on how to tell your doctor what you want from your breast augmentation. VIEW NOW


Britney Spears' Opening Act Gets a Breast Aug — Meet Kristinia DeBarge

Kristinia DeBarge is an up-and-coming recording artist. She works with Dr. David E. Kim to decide on the best look for her frame. VIEW NOW

Gummy Bear Implants: This Young Mother Goes From a 32B to 32D

Rachel's breasts changed a lot after pregnancy. Now she wants her perkiness back. See how Dr. David E. Kim helps. VIEW NOW


"If You Have Confidence, Then You Don't Need Anything Else" — This Woman Goes From A to C

This young woman wants to go from an A to a C cup. Hear what Dr. David E. Kim recommends for her petite frame. VIEW NOW