Sientra Breast Implants Videos

How Thick Is the Gel of a Silicone Breast Implants? Find Out When The Doctor Cuts Them Open

Dr. Bradley Bengtson addresses the myths of breast implants and explains how strong breast implant shells are. He also shows us what's inside. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants 101: Learn About Silicone Implant Options

Dr. Bradley Bengtson discusses how safe silicone implants are and shares these two implant options. VIEW NOW

Learn About Gummy Bear Implants

What's a gummy bear implant? What makes it different than a saline or typical silicone implant? Dr. John J. Edney explains the differences in breast implants. VIEW NOW

3 Breast Implant Options Explained in 60 Seconds

Dr. Jeremy Pyle discusses the various types of breast implants to choose from. VIEW NOW

3,000 Breast Augmentations Later: Hear This Doctor's Take on Gummy Bear Implants

Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo has done more than 3,000 breast augmentations during his career. Hear his take on Sientra, nicknamed the gummy bear implant. VIEW NOW


See This Woman's Axillary Breast Augmentation With 535cc Silicone Implants (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Johnny Franco performs a trans-axillary (armpit incision) breast augmentation with extra high profile silicone implants. VIEW NOW


90 Seconds of Breast Augmentation Before and Afters

Dr. Johnny Franco explains the various options available for Breast Augmentation today. VIEW NOW

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Who is a Candidate for a Revision Breast Augmentation?

Dr.William P. Adams, Jr. explains reasons patients want a revision breast surgery and what can be done to get you to where you want to be. VIEW NOW

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This Woman Shares Her Breast Augmentation Experience

This woman shares her story 6 months after a breast augmentation with Dr. Michael Suzman. VIEW NOW

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Capsular Contracture: The Doctor Explains Solutions to Minimize Your Risk

Dr. William P. Adams explains capsular contracture, also known as hardening of the breast is a bacteria that forms around the breast implant. VIEW NOW

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Which Breast Surgery Is Right for You?

Dr. Williams P. Adams discusses different types of breast surgery. Recommendations are made based a patient's measurements and personal preferences. VIEW NOW

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What Am I Going to Look Like? Learn About Vectra 3D Imaging

Dr. William P. Adams, Jr. and his staff explain how VECTRA 3D imaging allows patients to see their end results before surgery. In a recent study, Dr. Adam's patients found their results to be 98.5% accurate. VIEW NOW

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Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants: The Doctor Opinion

Dr. John Zannis talks about choosing between silicone and saline implants and which type he prefers to use in his practice. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains Breast Augmentation Consultations

Dr. Jack Peterson explains what he covers with patients during a breast augmentation consultation. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Reasons for an Inframammary Crease Incision

Dr. Jack Peterson explains what is an inframammary crease incision is and why he recommends it for Breast Augmentation. VIEW NOW