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Mentor Memory Gel Silicone Implants Vs Sientra HIGHLY Cohesive Form-stable Gummy Bear Implants?

I have been researching on silicone implants available. The information I found has not been consistent. How many different types silicone implants... READ MORE

Are 380 or 410 Cc Implants to Big? (photo)

I'm 34yrs old, 5'1 and 124 lbs. I'm a 34 A cup. I would like to be a full C to small D. My doc chose 380 or 410cc round moderate profile Sientra... READ MORE

500hp Sientra Textured? (photo)

So I went for my pre-op today and ps decided 465-505cc sientra HP textured (possibly due to chest wall irregularity on left breast). I am nervous... READ MORE

What Do You Think About the Breast Implants Approved by the FDA March 9th 2012 Made by Sientra Silimed?

What Do You Think About the Breat Implants Approved by the FDA March 9th 2012 Made by Sientra Silimed? READ MORE

Do Round Sientra and Mentor Implants Post Op Results Looks Any Different? (photo)

Im looking into getting a revision to go bigger but i don't know if i should change my sientra implants to mentor implants to get a more rounder upper... READ MORE

Can I get my nipple pierced after Breast Augmentation? Are there any risks? How long would I have to wait to do it?

I had my BA 3 weeks ago (silicone, subglandular, areola insicion) and I would like to get my nipple pierced (not now, maybe in a few months). I have... READ MORE

Can I Ask my Plastic Surgeon to Use Recently Approved Sientra/Silimed High Cohesive Gel Implant?

My surgery is coming up within 3 month and I just can't wait for Mentor and Allergan third generation implants to be approved by FDA. So I wanted to... READ MORE

How long can it take for Sientra textured cohesive gel implants to soften?

Had these implants 5 months ago . When I lay down they become super firm . When standing they're more normal READ MORE

Are They Done Settling? (photo)

Hello, I'm 6 weeks post op (from 36 A to 400cc Sientra anatomicals) and am wondering if my implants are done settling. They seem to be full at the... READ MORE

Mentor 475cc Silicone Moderate Plus Profie or Sientra 510cc Implants Silicone? (photo)

5' 7" 144-150lbs bra size 38a kind of an athletic build. Getting silicone but having a hard time deciding between Mentor 475cc moderate plus profile... READ MORE

2 weeks post op- will Sientra (385cc) textured round implants drop or get any smaller? Will they come in a bit more? (photo)

Hi Docs! I am 2 weeks post-op. I feel my breast implants are too big and pray they will get a bit smaller. I chose textured round Sientra 385cc... READ MORE

425cc Sientra Imlants...will They Be Too Big or Just Right? (photo)

Ok so I go for my implants next Thursday! my doc said 375,400,425 for the sientra gummy bear under muscle! we tried them on at pre op and all said the... READ MORE

Sientra: High Profile 440cc vs. Moderate Profile 435cc - what to choose?

118 lbs, 5'4, 13.1 BWD right and 13.3 BWD on left. Left nipple hangs 24cm and right 23cm Lopsided from nursing, 34C on left side and 34B on right.... READ MORE

After Breast Implants Taking off Tape?

1 week and 2 days after ba my ps said can take tape off today. Incisions look fine just wondering if there is something else I need to do? They are... READ MORE

34A, want to be a full B cup, but no bigger than the photo shown below. How many CC's to achieve this? (photo)

I'm 23, 5'1, 106 lbs, a cup, 34 a to be exact.  What CC's would be recommended in order to achieve this size, without looking disproportionate to... READ MORE

Can I Have Rounded Breasts if I Do Sientra Moderate Projection, 410 L/380 R? (photo)

I'm afraid of my breasts being tuberous and getting distorted because of my difference in my real size and nipple direction and the short skin under... READ MORE

Implants Have No Shape. Worse Than Normal Breast? (photo)

I had my surgery done 2 days ago with a new sientra tear drop implant. I feel like the implant just made me look worse. They didn't get me a round... READ MORE

2 Months Post Breast Augmentation Uneven? (photo)

Hello! I recently had a breast augmentation a few days shy of two months ago. My left breast has dropped very nicely but right one has not only not... READ MORE

Can I remove breast implants after 1 week of having them in and what will my outcome be? (photos)

I got breast aug a week ago and i regret it, i just want them removed. I am 26 yrs old no children and was a 36b...i got the gummy bear implant over... READ MORE

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