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Ball-like Nose Tip After Septoplasty

I had a nose job, a septoplasty, with my nose narrowed and the tip refined. While the nose appears to be smaller, the tip is ball-like, and from the... READ MORE

How is a Long and Bent Nose with Narrow Bridge Corrected?

I would like to know what techniques of rhinoplasty or septoplasty are used to correct a long and bent nose with an excessively narrow bridge? How... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Swelling - 5 Weeks Post-op

Hello, I had a septorhinoplasty exactly 5 weeks ago and my nose is still swollen at the tip and the appearance is like piggy nose. I had DNS,nasal... READ MORE

Nasal Osteotomies. Does This Narrow Both the Ventral and Dorsal Width?

I was just curious if lateral osteotomies (high-low-high) narrow both the ventral and the dorsal width of the nose. Or is it juts an illusion that... READ MORE

Is my deviated septum back after a week, post-op? It feels like it is moving around. Was it even repaired in the first place?

It feels like my septum is moving around, could it be lose? When I look in the mirror my one nostril is still narrow. I did not have any splints or... READ MORE

Can anything be done for narrow nasal airways, with difficulty breathing through the nose?

Hi Its hard to breath through my nose, especially, during exercise (started about years ago) I had a CT scan. The ENT Consultant stated that my nasal... READ MORE

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