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What Causes Excessive Bleeding During a Septoplasty?

How long does the bleeding occur after septoplasty? READ MORE

Can a Deviated Septum Cause Headaches and Migraines? (photo)

I have been having migraine type headaches for some time but the focus of pain is generally inside my right eye socket and around the bridge of my... READ MORE

Severe Headaches After Sinus Surgery, What's Going On?

My daughter had a broken nose repaired, her septum fixed and polyups removed from her nose 6 months ago. She is having severe headaches every day. Her... READ MORE

Deviated Septum, Slant Nose and Nasal Hump Causing Problem. Can This Be Repaired With Septoplasty? (photo)

I've had difficulty breathing from the right side of my nose for years after a facial injury (I did not go to the hospital afterwards). It's... READ MORE

Could a Septoplasty Cause my Once (Mostly) Symmetric Nostrils to Become Uneven?

I had the surgery to correct for sinus blockage (chronic infections) back in January 2009 by my ENT doctor. There is no difference in the appearance... READ MORE

I Can Only Breathe from One Side of my Nose Which Changes Day To Day, What's The Cause?

I can only breathe from one side of my nose, and that side changes throughout the day. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. While... READ MORE

Roof of Mouth Pain After Septoplasty Surgery on March 20, 2012?

I am having severe roof of mouth pain since my surgery and it seems to be getting worse instead of better. I have spoke with my surgeon and he put me... READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Septoplasty 1 Year Ago? Experiencing Facial Pain, Congestion and Odor.

I have been experiencing nothing but constant facial pain in my cheeks,congestion(left nostril always blocked), sneezing, and the worse of all-a... READ MORE

4 days after sinus surgery/ septoplasty I can't smell or taste. Why was it fine the day after surgery?

All other healing has been well, and pain had been minimal. Not sure why I could smell/ taste right after the surgery, but lost it swiftly a day after... READ MORE

I Am Dizzy, Light Headed, Vision Problems, Deviated Septum?

From since the beginning of this year I been having this problem Waking up Dizziness Light headed Problems with my vision Constantly dehydrated And... READ MORE

Deviated Septum. Should I Seek A Second Opinion? (photo)

My ENT did not think this (attached photo) deviated septum could be the cause of my recurring headaches and sinus infections. Should I seek a second... READ MORE

Is This Scar Tissue Forming or Just Regular Swelling? (photo)

Before my surgery 3 weeks ago, I did NOT have a hump. I had a droopy tip and wide nostrils. I had septo/rhino surgery and I am not sure if my nose was... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Collapse 1 Month Post Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty and turbinante reduction 4 weeks ago....because I could not push any air through the left side when holding my right side closed..... READ MORE

Rhinoseptoplasty, After One Year Suddenly I Can't Breathe Anymore? (photo)

More than one year ago I had a rhinoplasty for deviated septum and swollen turbinates, removed the dorsal hump and made the tip smaller. You can see... READ MORE

Why is my Septum Deviating in the Opposite Direction After Septoplasty?

I had septo-rhinoplasty done 2 weeks ago and from the moment I woke up I could breathe out of one side of my nose and not the other. The side I was... READ MORE

2 Months Post Rhino-septoplasty Tenderness?

I had a rhino and septoplasty about 2 months ago,i had my hump removed and tip elevated some how,but i'm still experiencing tenderness in my nose... READ MORE

Had Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery. Nostrils Are Uneven and Face is Sunken? (photo)

I had a septoplasty along with opening of some sinus cavities for facial/head pressure. The doctor did the surgery but now I am experiencing uneven... READ MORE

What Can Cause Imbalanced Breathing After Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty?

It's been 7 weeks that I had septoplasty and turbinoplasty, my right nostril is wide open, left remains closed. Is this normal?There is no balance... READ MORE

Columella and Deviation

I had septorhinoplasty over 2 years ago. A few weeks ago I noticed some swelling on the outside of the right nostril, and it felt a bit sore inside... READ MORE

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