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How is a Long and Bent Nose with Narrow Bridge Corrected?

I would like to know what techniques of rhinoplasty or septoplasty are used to correct a long and bent nose with an excessively narrow bridge? How... READ MORE

Bent Septum/Septal Surgery?

Had my ENT appointment yesterday (Wed) he told I have a bend in my septum almost straight away, its more my right passage way thats obstructed so they... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty six months age. How long do I need to wait before I can have a septoplasty to fix my bent septum?

So on 14th of january i had a rhinoplasty. I moved to England about 18 motnhs ago and sicne then i had big problems with acne. I have been told by few... READ MORE

Can Septoplasty change the phyicial appearance of the nose?

I have deviated septum and my nose is little bent on the right site and nhs recommend me for septoplasty.  Will it  affect my external... READ MORE

After nose surgery, the nose front is slightly bent. What can be done to straighten it?

After surgery to correct a broken nose, the nose front is slightly bent . I can slightly push the nose on the side at the center and it is then... READ MORE

I have undergone septoplasty ago now my nose is blocked at left and slightly bent towards right? (photo)

I have undergone septoplasty with turbinate reduction and balloon sinuplasty three weeks ago. Now my left nostril blocked slightly and varying day by... READ MORE

Struggling to Breathe After Septorhinoplasty. Septum Still Bent?

Hi. I had Septorhinoplasty surgery 7 months ago to correct a broken nose and breathing problems. I went back to my surgeon and told him that I'm not... READ MORE

Will my nose stay the same? (photos)

I had septorhinoplasty on January 30th to help my breathing and to make my septum straighter. It is now may and when I take a photo or ask people some... READ MORE

Is my nose slightly bent 3 weeks after Septoplasty, or is this unevenness swelling? (photos)

I broke my nose 6 years ago and I had a deviated septum, I had my first rhinoplastry to fix that but it didn't do the job. So three weeks ago, I had a... READ MORE

Can a septoplasty make my nostrils look more symmetrical? (photos)

I have symptoms of a deviated septum and my GP has referred me to an ENT doctor. I was just wondering if a septoplasty would make my nostrils look... READ MORE

Septoplasty with spreader grafts. Why does my nose look like this? Will the tip look forever bent like this? (Photo)

Will the tip of my nose stay like this or once the plasters are off will I get a better idea of the nose shape? I am freaking out as I looks like a... READ MORE

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