5 Months Post-op + Septoplasty

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Little Bump After 4 in a Half Months of Septo-rhinoplasty. What Can I Do?

Its been 4 to 5 months after my rhinoplasty and I have this tiny bump its not really that noticable but really bothers me. When I push it down gently... READ MORE

Septoplasty failed? My surgeon says the swelling is causing my congestion. Is the swelling permanent or will it dissipate?

Hi, it's been 5 months since my septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery. Although I have experienced some improvement in my nasal breathing, I'm... READ MORE

Why Would I Have Bruising After Just a Cartilage Graft?

I had septoplasty in March but after the swelling had subsided, I'm noticed the tip of my nose had dropped creating a larger dorsal hump - but with no... READ MORE

Is it Normal for Smile and Teeth to be Effected After Septumrhinoplasty?

5 months now i had septumrhinoplasty. My lip is still big and doesnt seem to have gone down much. My teeth have never met fully since the op. Is it... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty and Driving?

I had a septorhinoplasty 5 months ago. Yesterday I was driving and had to do an emergency stop (from about 40-50mph) and felt this sense of pressure... READ MORE

What is this line running down my nose 5 months post Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty 5 months ago. I had breathing grafts put in (alar batten grafts?). recently I developed a thin strip running down the side of... READ MORE

I Had a Septoplasty 5 Months Ago, my Nose Was Straight Before the Surgery but Now It's Crooked?

Prior to the surgery, my nose was straight and I was told that the surgery would not make any alterations to the way my nose looked from the outside.... READ MORE

Septoplasty Didn't Go Too Well?

I had a septoplasty about 5 months ago but it has not benefited me & I am really disappointed with the results because there is still deviation... READ MORE

5 months post op deviated septum and bump on nose shaved. Will vibration in nose ever go away?

I am still congested out of left nostril right nostril wide open.. My nose vibrates when crying or blowing my nose . The left nostril feels very... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing still pain 5 months post Septoplasty?

Following my septoplasty 5 months ago, i am still experiencing quite a lot of pain due to my nose. There is n't a great deal of post-operative... READ MORE

I had turbinate reduction with septoplasty and ethmoidectomy 5 month ago, but I still have pain. Is this normal?

I had turbinate reduction + septoplasty with ethmoidectomy 5 month ago, but i still have pain on the nose bridge and tingling sensation on nose, its... READ MORE

Is there a possibility of getting cold even after the surgery and treatment for a Septoplasty?

I have undergone a Septoplasty surgery during month of Aug'13. Is there a possibility of getting cold even after the surgery and treatment? If so what... READ MORE

Is it normal for me not to be able to have air flow hardly though my nose after 5 month since having a septorhinoplasty?

Hi I am 16 I had a accident as a child causing my breathing to become faulty, I had the operation "septorhinoplasty" applogise if spelling is wrong,... READ MORE

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