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Is Sculptra Safe?

I am travelling to the united states for 12 weeks. I have lost over 3 stone in weight. my face has become full on wrinkles and would like to have... READ MORE

Can You Use Sculptra to Add Penis Girth?

Can Sculptra be used for penis girth increase? I tried Radiesse for this purpose with very good results but it is highly costed. Instead of radiesse... READ MORE

Why is Sculptra So Expensive?

Sculptra is advertised from medical supply companies at about US$700 for two vials. A dermatologist charges $2000-$2500 to inject two vials which... READ MORE

Is It Pretty Standard for 40 Year Olds to Spend $3,000 for the First Year of Sculptra Treatments?

It is correct to assume that the industry standard cost is $1,000 per vial and first time patients need about 3 injections (1 vial/injection) during... READ MORE

What's the Average Amount Someone Spends Each Year on Sculptra?

Based on treatment for lines and sunken look the mouth, what is the average yearly cost for Sculptra treatments? READ MORE

What if Any is the Doctor Charged for the Sculptra Product if the Patient is on the Assistance Program?

I have used your assistance program (thankfully) but it still cost me quite a bit of money due to being told it still cost the doctor to recieve your... READ MORE

How much would it cost for sculptra to fix my laugh lines, and how long would it last?

Im 19 and as my face has thinned out I have noticed I'm getting some pretty noticeable laugh lines. I've looked into Sculptra for my laugh lines and I... READ MORE

How long will it take to see results from sculptra?

As to how long it takes to see affects, answer range from "a little while" to "some time" to one doc who said, quote " it is a slowwwwww process". Can... READ MORE

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