Scars Treatment Videos

The Different Types of Scars and what Causes Them

Doctor George Hruza discusses what causes the different types of scars, such as keloid, hypertrophic, acne. VIEW NOW

How to Reduce Surgery Scars after Cosmetic Surgery

Doctor George Hruza discusses options to reduce the appearance of scars following surgery. Helping patients build confidence in their options. VIEW NOW

The Different Options for Scar Removal

Doctor George Hruza discusses the different options for removing scars and how the techniques differentiate from each other. VIEW NOW

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The Best Treatments for Removing Discoloration and Texture from Scar Tissue

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses the removal of redness and texture associated with scar tissue. VIEW NOW

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Scarring After Liposuction Surgery

Dr. David Amron discusses Scarring After Liposuction Surgery. VIEW NOW

How Large are Breast Augmentation Scars?

Doctor Dana Goldberg discusses size and location of scars related to having a breast augmentation? VIEW NOW

How to Get Rid of Scars

George J. Hruza discusses the modern treatment options for scars. VIEW NOW

What Causes Scars?

Doctor George J. Hruza shares insights to what causes scars. VIEW NOW

How to Reduce or Remove Plastic Surgery Scars

Doctor George J. Hruza explains possible treatment options for reducing or removing scars incurred from a cosmetic surgery treatment. VIEW NOW

Treatment Options for Stretch Marks

Doctor George J. Hruza shares why stretch marks are difficult to treat and which laser treatments he uses to get the best results. VIEW NOW

The Best Treatments for Scars

Doctor Shawn Allen speaks to the role of lasers in treating scars. VIEW NOW

Treatment Options for Scars

Doctor Richard Fitzpatrick shares how he combines different types of lasers to treat scars. VIEW NOW

How to Choose Right Doctor

Dr. Jerome Obed describes how to choose the right doctor. VIEW NOW

What is the Best Keloid Treatment?

Dr. Robert Beer discusses the best keloid treatments. VIEW NOW

How Can You Prevent Hyperthropic Scars?

Dr. Robert Beer describes how to prevent hyperthropic scars. VIEW NOW