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Can You Recommend a Good Scar Treatment/Cream for Post Op Breast Augmentation?

I'm 3wks post op from breast augmentation with an inframmary incision. My surgeon said I should use a scar cream but the 1 she offers is quite... READ MORE

How Soon Can You Start Applying Scar Creams/oils to Tummy Tuck Scars ???

What are the best products to use to reduce the scar appearance ?? READ MORE

I Have a Small Keloid on my Chest. What Are my Treatment Options?

I used to have a mole; however, it was removed resulting in a keloid. I also have a dark border surrounding the keloid. I was wondering what I should... READ MORE

Best Treatment for White Scars on Legs

I Have a Lots of White Scars on Both of my Legs,what's Best for Getting Rid of Scars? READ MORE

Best Treatment for Surgical Scars (Mostly Flat, Slightly Indented, Red/Purple)?

I had a fascia lata sling put into my face to improve facial paralysis approx 3 1/2 months ago and the muscle was harvested from my leg. i now have 2... READ MORE

When Having Keloids Does Puss Come out of Them?

When Having Keloids Does Puss Come out of Them? READ MORE

Deep Scar on my Cheek - What Laser or Treatment Would Help?

I can't hid it with makeup because it's a pitted scar as you can see in the picture. What do you experts recommend? What laser or treatment... READ MORE

Is my navel piercing infected, migrated or rejecting? (Photo)

I don't want to take it out is there anything I can do to save it? READ MORE

What is the best medicine or oil to treat scars?

What is the best medicine or oil treatment of the scars? READ MORE

I Am 5 Days Post-op from Anchor BR- How Can I Best Care For Extensive Scarring?

I Am 5 Days Post-op from Anchor BR. I Am 56, 5', and Surprised to Have Needed No Pain Meds. I have extensive scarring and would appreciate... READ MORE

I Had Two Moles Removed (Shave Biopsy) from my Lower Back and the Scars Protrude More Than the Moles Did. Why, & What Can I Do?

The two moles were not suspected to be cancerous, but increased in size over a decade (I'm now 28) to the point that they were irritated by clothing... READ MORE

Can I get cured from Keloid which I had on my neck since 1995 and had surgery once in 1997? (Photo)

Am from poor family in Tanzania East Africa where cant afford treatment abroad how can I get assistance? READ MORE

Is melarase AM & melarase PM for treating scar?

Is melarase AM AND melarase PM for treating scar? If yes where can i get one to buy. READ MORE

What are some methods to minimize or remove surgery scars around breasts?

In my case the scar is deep and a part of the skin needs to be removed, but for the remaining area around the breasts I was wondering if there was... READ MORE

Best Treatment and Price for a Bunch of Scars from Peeled Scabs on my Thighs?

When I was younger (I'm 16 now) I used to pick my scabs and now I have a bunch of scab scars on my thighs (both thighs) and I really want to get... READ MORE

Opinions On Stem Cell Keloid Treatment?

Is this treatment soon to be reality? READ MORE

What Can I Use to Reduce Scarring on My 10 Month Old?

My 10 Month Old Fell into a Table Edge and Required 5 Stitches Across Her Eyebrow. The ER doctor recommended Neosporine for the 4 days the stiches are... READ MORE

How to Take Care of a New Scar?

I did fractional co2 laser 5 months ago on my cheek. I found out there is a linear and little elevated scar on my lower cheek (near jaw). I remembered... READ MORE

Treatment for Scars from At-Home Mole Removal

I had scar revision in Oct. 2009 for an at-home mole removal procedure gone wrong. The scars from the surgical procedure(on my arms) are still pink,... READ MORE

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