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Scar Revision/Stomach Scar from Surgery? (photo)

I have a scar across vertically on my stomach from a previous surgery. what is the best way to fix this and approximate cost? thanks! READ MORE

Can Uneven Nasal Sills After Bullhorn Lip Lift Be Fixed?

I had a bullhorn lip lift a week ago. The surgeon cut along the nasal sill into my nostril area in order to hide the scar when performing the lift.... READ MORE

What Would You Suggest For This Upper Lip Scar Revision? (photo)

10 years ago i had a upper lip revision where it was cut deep with a scapel and sutured inside and out due to being hit . It looks even worse in bad... READ MORE

Z-Plasty For Scar Revision Recommended For My Chin? (photo)

I had a fall in 2007 as a result of which i hurt my chin really badly. I had to get my chin stitched. After the 1st stitching i realized the doctor... READ MORE

Indention Normal? Dermabrasion to Help Revise a Facial Scar Revision. (photo)

My doctor wants to do dermabrasion to help revise a scar revision he did on my face. He cut out a bunch of acne scarring and closed the skin. 1)... READ MORE

Scar Revision or Laser? Nebraska and Iowa?

I have attached a photo of my thyroidectomy scar. It formed a keloid (I believe from intense irritation after radioactive iodine). I had some... READ MORE

Abdominal Scar?

Hello Everyone, I have a long vertical scar about 10 cm on my stomach due to the child appendectomy surgery. I actually did a scar surgery revision... READ MORE

Hook-shaped Sunken Scar with Dog Ears After Revision - How to Proceed? (photo)

I had a scar revision 8 mon ago (old burn scar just below crock of arm, <0.4 inch, triangular shaped, flat). Revision was performed by a... READ MORE

Thick Big Scars

When I was 4 years old i drop a hot instant soup you heat in the microwave I'm 22 years old and my scars look white and light pink and thick. What... READ MORE

Abdominal Scar Treatment?

Hello Everyone, I have a long vertical scar about 10 cm on my stomach due to the child appendectomy surgery. I actually did a scar surgery revision... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for my Scars? (photo)

10 year old scars Previously treated with; - skin graft - scar revision - cortisone injection (twice after small raised keloid formation) - scar... READ MORE

Steroid Injections, Laser Treatment? or Both? Need Advise Please!

Ive had multiple revisons on my lower belly and my belly button,im not sure what to do next.y I just want my scars to blend and not look so horrible.... READ MORE

Photos of Trachea Scar Revision?

I am having my trachea scar revised and would like to see before & after PHOTOS of this type of revision Thank you READ MORE

What can I do to make this scar better. (photo)

Hello, I got scar revision surgery In June this year. Then got dermabration in July. Should I go ahead with Laser 1540 or give some time to heal.... READ MORE

Scar revision with W plasty. How can I get rid of the redness? (Photo)

I had done my scar revision in month of June 2014 the produce was used was W plasty now after 3 month the scar is still red how to get rid of the... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend an Experienced Laser Doctor in Central Florida?

My research tells me an ablative laser and Erbium Yag would be the most effective for trauma scars on my face. The scarring is deep and entrapped... READ MORE

Scar Revision 15 Years Ago, and Now Scar is Back?

I had a scar revision done 15 years ago to cover two huge hole caused by a cyst, I was only 17. I had it done by a plastic surgeon and after all these... READ MORE

Scar revision for facial piercing holes? (Photo)

I went a bit piercing crazy in high school and now i'm left with six small holes in my face. 3 on my lower lip, one on my upper lip and one on each... READ MORE

How can I find the best doctors specializing in scar revision and laser treatments for different types of scars?

Over the years I've acquired 10 scars on my body from mole removals. All are 1/2 inch or smaller. I'm fine with a few of them, but some are quite... READ MORE

Help with deep scar left by mole removal on face? (photos)

About 5 years ago I used a cream to remove a a few moles. I went a bit over board with a couple as you can see as they were slightly bigger,... READ MORE

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