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Deep Cut Top of Lip After A Fall. How To Prevent Scarring?

I recently had a fall. I have a deep cut from my nose to my lip which went right through at one point and it is jagged. I have had four stitches in it... READ MORE

Can Old Scars That Are Still Red Be Treated?

Hi, I've had a facial scar from accidentally removing a scab prematurely. The scar is about 3.5 years old now and it is still a light reddish... READ MORE

Brownish Spot On Scab After Tea Tree Oil?

Hello, I was using tea tree oil for about a week mostly diluted in water (5-7 drops) on my red spot after the scab fell off, and about a week of using... READ MORE

Will White, Indented Scar from Laser Fade with Time (photo)?

Back in February i had laser treatment for a small cluster of facial thread veins. The area scabbed etc and left an awful red and indented 'scar' on... READ MORE

Discoloration After Breast Surgery?

I had a breast removed in Nov and a scab form and game off which left a large area that is dicoloration-- the breast it self is healed - in another... READ MORE

Awful Scars after facelift: Normal? (Photo)

I had a facelift 6 wks ago. I can see only slight improvement in my neck and jaw line, however my problem is that after the procedure I had big wounds... READ MORE

How can I get rid of razor bumps and scabs on legs? (Photo)

I first tried shaving when I was eleven but I used my dad's razor because I didn't have anyone to teach me about shaving and I am 15 now my legs look... READ MORE

Is my belly button infected? Freaking out. (photo)

I started scar therapy on Saturday and I peeled off today and my belly button looked like this. Its oozing from the bottom and crust like scabs on... READ MORE

Scars / Scratches from PMD. What to Expect?

I recently tried the home PMD (personal microdermabrasion device). I watched the instructional video twice and read pamplet, yet after performing the... READ MORE

Best Treatment and Price for a Bunch of Scars from Peeled Scabs on my Thighs?

When I was younger (I'm 16 now) I used to pick my scabs and now I have a bunch of scab scars on my thighs (both thighs) and I really want to get... READ MORE

Picked a Sore on my Shoulder and Now Have Light Pink/white Ring with Dark Perimeter. What Can I Do to Fix?

I have olive skin and picked a sore on my shoulder. Now I have a light pink (sometimes looks whiter, but seems to be some pigment) circle surrounded... READ MORE

how can i cure a double waxed face with a scab picked off without surgical procedure?

Hey, On october 2013,by mistake i double waxed an area on my face (cheek). the next day theres a dark brown scab. everyone gave ridiculous remedies... READ MORE

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