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How Can I Diminish This Scar from Previous Mole Removal? (photo)

Can anyone give me advice on what to use for this scar that formed after I had a mole removed from my chest? The scar tissue has flattened some from... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About a Hypertrophic, Bright Red Scar That I've Had for Years?

I had a mole on my neck removed when I was 16 and the result was a bright red, bulging hypertrophic scar. 2 years later I had the scar surgically... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment Would Be Best for a Slightly Raised, Red Scar on the Face? (photo)

Hi, I've had this scar on my face for about 7 months now. I got it from a mole removal that didn't heal properly (not the doc's fault). I've been... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for my Facial Scar to Fade?

I had a scar revision a year ago. The scar is still indented and red. Will it ever become unindented and how long will it take to fade. The scar is... READ MORE

My Two Year Old Son Just Got Stitches on His Arm and I Notice That the Area is Red and It Has a Lump. It's That Normal?

My Two Year Old Son Just Got Stitches on His Arm and I Notice That the Area is Red and It Has a Lump. It's That Normal? READ MORE

Why does my scar look so red/brown/thick and it sometimes switches color from brown and pale red to red when I exercise? (photo)

I fell down on the road while jogging last month and hurt my knee. Now the scar is in red and brown color, feels very thick(raised) and sometimes... READ MORE

Discolored Scar after curettage. What can I do?

3 weeks after a curettage, I vacationed in Mexico. Despite my best efforts to keep the new scar out of the sun, the scar is now discolored (red). What... READ MORE

How do I get a bright red pore to go back to normal? It has been this way a few months.

I had a blackhead on the end of my nose months ago. It wasn't clearing with masks or facewash so I tried squeezing it out and it worked...but the pore... READ MORE

Is there an effective way to heal my atrophic scar from an infected pimple? (photo)

I have had an atrophic scar caused by an infected pimple for the past 2 months. My dermatologist recommended Cicalfate, which I have been using for... READ MORE

I put hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil on my face last night, and I think I have a first degree burn. What do I do?

So I was trying to cure a pimple and decided to mix tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide on a cotton round and hold it to my cheek. I think I held it... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for a burn from Nair facial hair remover? (photo)

I used Nair facial hair remover for my lady "stash" last week left it on to long. I've been covering it up with makeup when going to school etc. But... READ MORE

Old Burn On Cheek (photo)

Is there anything to fix an oldburn scar. Red facial veins have developed over the years from the trauma. No pain no swelling. READ MORE

Is it possible to revise a scar on the foot?

I have a scar on the top of my foot from bunion surgery. Part of the incision got infected. Steroids have helped a bit but it is still red and raised,... READ MORE

My scar on my cheek has been red for 15 and a half years. What treatment would you recommend?

It's on my cheek and a crescent shape (so the two points of interest he crescent are towards my nose, and the curve part are closer to my ear). I fell... READ MORE

What to do for scar that has been scratched while in the healing process?

I had a small mole removed from my nose 3 weeks ago. The surgeon used stitches for it, I had the stitches removed on time as recommended and was... READ MORE

Help with scar?

Hello. Im 20 yrs old & i'm an orphan. I was attacked by a wild animal a few months ago dat injured my right cheek. When it 1st happened, i ran to the... READ MORE

Will phlebectomy scars fade? (Photo)

I got a phlebectomy 4 months ago and the area where the micro-incisions were made are still quite red. I'm supposed to get additional treatment but... READ MORE

My son's 6 week old burn scar has healed, but it is itchy, red and shiny. Is this normal? (Photo)

My son get a burn by toaster 6 weeks ago, took 3 weeks to totally healed up, now the area is red and shiny, i am using silicon sheet and... READ MORE

Had surgery for Malunion 4/30/14. Scar is redder than before. Is this infected? (photos)

 (Streaks from scar) No fever. No hotness to touch. Pic from 6/1/14 & pics from today 6/20/14. READ MORE

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