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Dark Scar from Mole Removal on Buttocks, How Can It Be Treated? (photo)

About four months ago, I had a mole from my left buttock removed by a dermatologist. Now there's a purplish scar after it has healed. At first it... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Surgical Scars (Mostly Flat, Slightly Indented, Red/Purple)?

I had a fascia lata sling put into my face to improve facial paralysis approx 3 1/2 months ago and the muscle was harvested from my leg. i now have 2... READ MORE

My bikini line is ruined and has purple scars all over it. How do I clear it up and get tighter skin?

Hi, I have dark pink and purple scars all over my bikini line on both sides. After I shave I get lumps that I can pop later and white puss comes out... READ MORE

Removal of Dark Purple Accident Scar?

Approximately 6 months ago I was in a bad accident and basically tore my knee open. I had to have 16 staples put in it for 2 weeks to get it back... READ MORE

About a Month and a Half Ago I Cut my Arm Open. The Scar Turned a Purple Black After I Removed the Stitches Normal?

I cut my arm on a piece of tin. The cut was 3mm wide, and 2 to 3mm deep. It healed fine until I removed the stitches, and a week or so after that, it... READ MORE

What are my options to treat this Hypertrophic Scar on my leg? (photo)

I had a bike accident 2 months ago, my leg was grazed badly, the wound was not deep but wide. And It took 3 weeks to heal. I now have an oval raised... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Scar-like Dark Red/purplish Dots on my Legs? (photo)

I assume they are the results of shaving when I was a teenager (I'm now 28) and has never worn a skirt/dress since then. I still don't know... READ MORE

Why is my Burn Scar a Brown/purple Colour?

About 4 months ago I stepped on a hot marshmallow roaster and burnt my foot (somehow top and bottom-bottom wasn't bad) to what my dad said would... READ MORE

Purple Scar Won't Fade

My son (5 years old) fell off his bike 3 months ago and had to have his cut (above his lip below his nose) durabonded together by the Dr. There is now... READ MORE

Does my scar look like it's healing properly? Will the purple around my scar ever fade away? (photos)

I had surgery on my foot 7 months ago, so I know my scar is not completely healed. The actual scar looks really good and thin, it's the purple... READ MORE

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