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Will a Depressed Scar from a Mole Removal Fill in with Time and Not Leave a Dent? (Photo)

I had this mole removed by lip and had to get 3 stitches. Its been about a month and a half and I guess I was expecting much more improvement at this... READ MORE

I was burned about 3 months ago. Is this a Keloid or Hypertrophic scar? (photo)

I was burned about 3 months ago, in the healing process this raised scar appeared. It has barely gotten betterbetter in the month or two that I've had... READ MORE

I fell and hit my face about 2 months ago. Is this a Keloid or Hypertrophic scar? (photo)

I fell and hit my face about 2 months ago and the abrasion went into the dermis. My dermatologist said my scar was a keloid, but it hasn't gone... READ MORE

Is my navel piercing infected, migrated or rejecting? (Photo)

I don't want to take it out is there anything I can do to save it? READ MORE

What is the best way to treat cut on the bridge of my nose without scarring? (Photo)

I got a 1.5cm cut on the bridge area mainly with some scrapes. I went home and washed it and put polysporin on thinking it wasn't a big deal. Next... READ MORE

Will this burn mark fade? (Photo)

A month ago hot oil spilled on my 1yr old daughter's turned red and one wound had blister, next day it became brown applied t-bact for 10 days... READ MORE

I have a minor scar. Will this be permanent or will this pink skin fade away? (Photo)

I got scratched and its been about 3 weeks now since the incident. Will this pink scar fade away? READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix the Scar On Philtrum Extending to the Upper Lip Vermillion Border? (Photo)

12 year old traumatic scar crosses the right philtrum column and extends to the vermillion border. Initial suturing was done downwards, starting from... READ MORE

How can I get rid of razor bumps and scabs on legs? (Photo)

I first tried shaving when I was eleven but I used my dad's razor because I didn't have anyone to teach me about shaving and I am 15 now my legs look... READ MORE

8 years post op, I pick a scab. What Dermatological/cosmetic Procedures Would You Recommend for Me? (photo)

8 years ago I pick a scab which eventually became pinkish. I covered it with a bandaid for about a 8-10hrs a day for month. A scar formed. I had... READ MORE

Could a scar revision lesser my belly button piercing scar? (Photo)

I got my belly button pierced 6 years ago, and I am now tired of it. I took it out 7-8 months ago, but the " top hole" has scarred badly, it looks a... READ MORE

Deep cut in upper lip. Can moustache grow back? (Photo)

The cut near the mustache was a deep one it was pinched by a stone in a motorcycle accident and scar which is side of the nose were light one. It was... READ MORE

Horrible belly button scarring around piercing hole during pregnancy? (photo)

I took my belly button ring out as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I am currently 34 weeks and noticed my belly button piercing hole is looks... READ MORE

How can I treat the scar under the foreskin of penis? (photo)

Hello doctors, the scar on my penis kills my confidence. how will it get heal any creams or type a special doctor and his location please. in my age... READ MORE

Can I get cured from Keloid which I had on my neck since 1995 and had surgery once in 1997? (Photo)

Am from poor family in Tanzania East Africa where cant afford treatment abroad how can I get assistance? READ MORE

How long after chickenpox hole scarring can I get the scars filled/treated? (Photo)

I have a nose punch biopsy like scar on my nose after a chickenpox sore erupted badly on my nose (when the scab came off prematurely there was a... READ MORE

What laser fixes pigment scar on upper lip that is neither atrophic or hypertropic? (photo)

A year ago, some psycho I never met before sucker punched me, splitting my lip. An ER Doc thankfully stitched it up evenly. There is a thin vertical... READ MORE

Chickenpox scab fell out during sleep and left a hole. Will it be permanent? (photos)

After the chickenpox subsided, It initially wasn't this bad. It was just a peeling skin area ( no depressions) with a black dot in the middle after... READ MORE

How can I remove a black, deep indented scar in middle of forehead. (photo)

How to remove a 23 year old indented scar on my forehead? I got this scar when i hit my forehead in an iron gate while playing with my friends.I was 8... READ MORE

Lumenis SCAAR FX treatment? (Photo)

My mother has scar tissue on the left side of her face from over 50 surgeries. (cancer) It is difficult to open her mouth. She has a beautiful smile -... READ MORE

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