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When Will Swelling from Mederma Go?

How long will it take for swelling from Mederma to go away? After applying Mederma gel to a scar on my nose, the area around the scar became red and... READ MORE

I Have a Scar-like Cut on my Face, Its a Little Bit Deep. It Healed but the Mark is So Visible. How Do I Get Rid of It? (photo)

When I was 9 years old (8 years ago) I was running and hit my face on a commercial bus, I got a deep cut on my face and lost a lot of blood. When it... READ MORE

Will my Son's Scar Disappear?

The scar is where his mustache would grow if he was older. I put neosporen on it till the scab fell off and the started applying Mederma faithfully.... READ MORE

Want to Remove Marks From Accident, What Do You Suggest?

Hi, I am omkar (23 years). I had an accident on 08th November. I was under treatment for few days after that doctor suggested me to use dremz ultra on... READ MORE

Cheek Injury. What Can I Do About This Scar? (photo)

My 2 yr old cut her cheek on the corner of a door 4 wks ago- it stopped bleeding after a few min and didn’t appear deep so we didn't go to ER. She... READ MORE

Will a Microdermabrassion Help? (photo)

I recently had a accident(36 days ago) leaving me with a 3 inch scar on the lower part of my face(lift side of my chin) and I also had a puncture 2... READ MORE

Dog Bite Scar Removal for 3y/o

My son recently got bitten by a dog. It has only been two months(7/03/13). He received multiple stitches and his plastic surgeon was great. Now we are... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done About my Knee Scar? (photo)

In the middle of June, I was skateboarding and fell and hit my knee on the concrete. It was pretty deep, and a big, bulging, purplish scar formed. I... READ MORE

Will Mederma Help my Scar?

About 6 years ago I climbed a basketball hoop, and i fell. As I was falling, The tip of my nose hit a nail sticking out of the hoop. I have a red scar... READ MORE

Solution for Multiple Scars Around My Legs From Climbing?

I have multiple scars around my legs from climbing and others I've tried mederma for years but I hope there's a solution for it thanks. READ MORE

Better Way To Go For Scar Treatment?

I was wondering what is better way to go for scar treatment, mederma cream/ gel or the silicone patch scar treaments? I'm wondering the best, fastest... READ MORE

Madera Silicone and Ointment?

Went to 2 wk post op apt yesterday healing great but for some reason I didn't remember the answer to the scar treatment when you use silicone sheets... READ MORE

i have a scar on my forehead, will Mederma or coco butter help?

I have had the scar since i was 5 and now i am 15 and how do i get the scar off my forhead the way that i got it was by running into the metal part of... READ MORE

Does my scar look like it's healing properly? Will the purple around my scar ever fade away? (photos)

I had surgery on my foot 7 months ago, so I know my scar is not completely healed. The actual scar looks really good and thin, it's the purple... READ MORE

Will my two-year-old's forehead injury scar? (photos)

My son fell at daycare 5 weeks ago. I was told he threw his head down on the floor and hit a plastic magnet letter when he hit the floor. When I... READ MORE

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