Hyperpigmentation + Scars Treatment

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Options For Hyperpigmentation of Breast Reduction Scars on Light Skin? (photo)

I had a breast reduction done 6 months ago at 19. I do wish more tissue had been taken, but that's not my main issue. I've had darkened... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmented Cutting Scars On Wrist? (photo)

I have about 3 cuttings scars, hypopigmented. Theyre embarassing and Im tired of hiding them. I was wondering what treatments will effectively fix... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options For Removing Dark Spots on Black American Skin from Scarring?

As a child i was abused. I am left with a multitude of dark spots due to the scarring. i also have really dark elbows andkness from not cleaning them... READ MORE

Does ScarPrin Work on Sclerotherapy Hyperpigmentation? Other Recommendations?

I had sclerotherapy done on both legs 2 years ago. My doctor told me the scar or "stain" could take a year or so to fade,& to stay out... READ MORE

How to Remove Old Burns (4months Ago) and Cuts (Got when I Was 9yrs Old, So 20yrs Ago) on Forearm? Laser? Surgery? Peel? (photo)

4 months ago, in Feb, my cousin suggested using her TCA peel-12% on the scars for 5-8 mins or so. RESULT: I got BURNED ontop of the old cut scars,... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment for Scars Created by Ingrown Hair Removal? (photo)

Hyperpigmented scars were created by ingrown hair removal. Ingrown hairs due to shaving chest with a razor in the opposite direction. Scars still here... READ MORE

How can I treat Hyperpigmentation and scar on chest and arms caused by second degree burns? (photos)

The burn occurred 2012. I tried IPL. It did not work. I've been using hydroquinone + Retinoid and it has faded the pigmentation to some extent. I have... READ MORE

What's the best cosmetic procedure for indented facial scars from dog bite? (Photo)

I have several scars on my face resulting from a dog bite about thirty years ago. The scars are indented and are of the same color as the surrounding... READ MORE

What laser fixes pigment scar on upper lip that is neither atrophic or hypertropic? (photo)

A year ago, some psycho I never met before sucker punched me, splitting my lip. An ER Doc thankfully stitched it up evenly. There is a thin vertical... READ MORE

Is Dermapen/Micro-needling more effective when combined with PRP? (Photo)

In general, is micro-needling more effective when combined with PRP in treating acne scars? I have indented scars on my right cheek. They're not... READ MORE

How long does redness from a hydroquinone/retinoid combination cream last?

I have had two thin two year old brown hyperpigmented scars on my forearm treated with hydroquinone 4%. I didn't notice much difference. After seven... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for legs hyper-pigmentation? (photos)

I have scars in my legs due to insect bites when i was young and i did a lot of treatment tca revlite q switch plus arbutin products but it's not... READ MORE

What is the best way to lessen a raised hyperpigmented scar inside my upper lip? (photo)

About 4 years ago I was assaulted and as a result the inside of my upper lip was split open which required stitches. When I had them removed, I... READ MORE

What kind of treatment is recommended for the scars on my legs and how long/how many sessions will it take?

Hope you're doing great. My name is Cris a 20 year old asian female. I have this really old scars or hyperpigmentation from childhood scratches and... READ MORE

Aggressive scar treatment for darker skin. Are there any safer treatments than ablative CO2 laser? (Photo)

I have a pervasive case of acne scarring, have had fraxel treatments and was told that an ablative CO2 laser was the only thing that could now help... READ MORE

Can you apply sunscreen directly onto a new scar?

I got stitches under my right eye and the scar has healed remarkably well. I want to apply sunscreen to avoid hyper pigmentation but the wound hasn't... READ MORE

Is there any treatment you would recommend for such a case where the hyper-pigmented area is sightly depressed? (photo)

Hi there, is there any treatment you would recommend for such a case where the hyper-pigmented area is sightly depressed (indented) to improve the... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Hypo / Hyperpigmented Insect Bites?

I have always covered my legs because of insect bits that caused hypo & hyper-pigmentation. I tried getting a Fraxel treatment on a small section.... READ MORE

I Have Flattened Hypertrophic Scars Which Are Still Red. How Do I Get Rid of the Hyperpigmentation?

They are fairly flat and some are even with the rest of my skin tone, however the redness of some of them remains to be a problem. I have tried a... READ MORE

Can You Reverse a Scar That is Starting to Hyperpigment?

About 2 years ago I had a tummy tuck. The scars hyperpigmented (with no sun exposure and using scar gel strips). I recently had the vertical part... READ MORE

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