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What to Do to Prevent Scaring on a 11 Month Old Baby from a 3rd Degree Electrical Burn?

Yesterday, my 11 month old baby injured the back of his hand on a moving upright vacum cleaner causing a 3rd degree and 2nd degree burn. Luckily,... READ MORE

How to Minimize Scars After Stitches Are Taken Out

I have a 2 inch long incision with stitches in right now that will be taken out in a week. (from moderate atypia) I have to have the same procedure on... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done for Massive Amounts of Scarring Due to 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns?

I was in a gas explosion several months ago, my torso and face are relatively unscathed but my legs are grafted from the knee down to the top of the... READ MORE

I Cut my Hand with Blade, the Scars Remains, Pls Help Me?

I cut my hand with blade, the scars remains, pls help me READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Scars on my Hands and Legs?

I am 23 yrs old and i have numerous scars on my hands and legs that make me very uncomfortable. I am black and live in kenya. How can i get rid of the... READ MORE

How to remove black ugly spots on my thighs, legs and hands. (photo)

Black ugly spots gotten from mosquito bites, scractch, wounds coupled with my own bad habit of peeling and scratching them resulting into very dark... READ MORE

Secondary Burn Due to Hot Water? (photo)

Hi two days back while preparing rice the hot water spill on my hand.my hand tissues are damaged very badly.doctors says that it's a second degree... READ MORE

Can Scars Be Removed Even if Its Old? (photo)

I doctors have three queries 1.while coolking today dropped the oil kadai which resulted in scar or burn on my face and also burnt marks on hand 2. I... READ MORE

I have brown burn marks on hand (photo)

I have brown burn marks on hand which are 6-8 months old,i have been using licorice extract and arbutin cream for couple of months but did not see any... READ MORE

How Can I Treat a Scar on my Hand from a Razor Inflicted 6 Years Ago? (photo)

I am very embarrassed by this scar on my hand, it was self-inflicted 6-7 years ago with a razor blade and is easily noticeable. It is bright white and... READ MORE

I Think my Burn Site is Scarring, What Can I Hope for and Do to Reduce the Damage? (photo)

One of my burn areas seems to be scarring. It was a mid-deep partial burn and I had it debrided on day 5 and used acticoat after that. It took almost... READ MORE

How can I treat scars after home TCA Peel?

What is a Full Thickness Injury/scar As It Relates to a 35% TCA Peel on Your Hands?  I think this is what happened to my sister with an at... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my legs, hands and my face. What can I use at home? I would love to wear dresses again (Photo)

My parents can't afford for me to go see a dermatologist please tell what can I use to remove the dark spots caused by mosquito bits b READ MORE

How to Get Rid of This Scar? (photo)

Some of my friends said it will never go.I am worried.can u tell me some cream name that will vanish this scar within 3 months READ MORE

Can I Get a Tattoo Done on my Right Hand Where I Got Stitches 3 Years Ago?

On 31 dec 2009 i punched a glass door and my right hand got hurt....i had some fight with my parents. I think my right thumb tendon got cut and it... READ MORE

My 4 year old daughter got burned taking a cup of soup out of the microwave. Are these color changes are normal. (photos)

I am specifically wondering about the area that looks white? Is this normal. The doctor said she may need skin grafts and I am hoping this will heal... READ MORE

I Have an Accident Scar on my Hand

I had an accident 6 years back and im 23 nw and i have a white patch scar left on my hand n is there any solution to get rid of it without any surgery... READ MORE

Burn Scar on Hand

I am 28 yr old , I got burned at the age of 1 , have a 2 inches wide burn scar on my left arm , how can I get rid of the scar.Can reconstructive... READ MORE

Burn Scar - What is The Best Treatment to Remove The Scar?

Large burn scar on my right hand. What is the best form of treatment? READ MORE

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