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Can Fillers Be Used to Correct Surgical Scars?

I've always wondered if fillers like Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm can help with an indented surgical scar left from a scar revision surgery on the... READ MORE

Best Filler for Chicken Pox and Acne Scars on Temple?

I have chicken pox scars and acne scars on my temples. Which is the best injectable filler to treat those scars? I'm looking for something that... READ MORE

Would Filler Help This Indented Scar Between my Eyebrows? (photo)

What would you recommend for treatment of this 20+year old scar between my eyebrows? I have already tried botox, xeomin, dysport, 3 smart xide dot... READ MORE

How long after chickenpox hole scarring can I get the scars filled/treated? (Photo)

I have a nose punch biopsy like scar on my nose after a chickenpox sore erupted badly on my nose (when the scab came off prematurely there was a... READ MORE

Can a Filler Help the Indented Scar on my Nose?

I was in an accident when I was younger which resulted in a scar from the top corner of my nose going down diagonally to the other corner at the... READ MORE

How Do You Treat a Slightly Depressed Scar on the Face?

A scar that is slightly depressed looks like a dent on the face. If a doctor was going to put a dermal filler under it would that cause it to look lumpy? READ MORE

How Noticeable Would a 4mm Nose Tip Skin Graft Be Using Ear Cartilage to Fill in a Scar/depression

I have tried fillers and dermabrasion and am not completely satisfied. I was wondering, does the graft become depressed also? and does the colour... READ MORE

Dermal Filler for Small Facial Scar?

I have a scar on my cheeck that's about an inch long and the exat width of a fingernail. it's not very deep but it is depressed. will a dermal... READ MORE

Filling Alarplasty Scars Inside the Nostrls with Filler?

Hi there I had alarplasty surgery a year ago and have been left with indent scars inside the nostrils. Can filler be used to fill the indents or is... READ MORE

I am looking for some advice on my facial scars. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

I have been working on these scars now for about 5 months, I've had dermapen, subscision and some fillers which unfortunately didnt which as these... READ MORE

How can reduce the visibility of my scar? (photos)

I would like to inquire is it possible to make the scar visibility close to 0? I would like to do a nose filler , together with the scar revision . Is... READ MORE

Is there a fix for a sunburst/gathered scar above the belly button?

After three children (twins and a single), I ended up with a flat and toned stomach except for the loose wrinkly skin above my belly button. I did not... READ MORE

Fillers for steroid induced atrophy? Is this temporary? (photos)

3 wks ago, had steroid injected into very faint scar on top of my middle lip. Now whole mid lip sunk, there are horizontal lines and folds that didnt... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction Scar

I have rhinoplasty alar base reduction february 03 2011, and on my left nostrils there is a scar from a deep stitch....i put dermatix because i know... READ MORE

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