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Scarring Less Likely Using Absorbable Stiches?

Is stitching of the surgery preferred to be of self-absobing or removable? Which one has more risk to scar? I am male in mid-60's and thinking to have... READ MORE

What Is he Best Treatment For An Eyelid Scar? (photo)

Greetings. I grazed my eyelid on a pillow zipper by mistake. It bled a little and took a few days to heal. However I am left with a skin accumulation... READ MORE

I Met with an Accident and the Lateral Part of the Eyelid is Deformed. Is There Any Surgical Remedy for This? (photo)

Dear Doc I met with a bike accident and suffered injury around my eye. Presently I am applying Mederma and the scar is healing to some extent. The... READ MORE

Accidentally scratched eyelid during chickenpox, crater doesn't seem to be scabbing, how do I prevent a scar? (photos)

As mentioned above I accidentally scratched my eyelid which had a rash on it in my sleep and made a small wound on it. At that time the rash was very... READ MORE

Suggestions for doctor to treat scar on eyelid?

I had a burn in my eyelid and 15% while Iam a kid( abused) I had multiple injections I think it's steroid then I had a surgery to excise and revise... READ MORE

Had a Basal Cell Skin Cancer Removed from my Left Upper Inner Canthus?

Which is the best way to go for less scarring: to just leave open to heal by intention: or to have sutures . This is an area in the upper eyelid inner... READ MORE

Is there any way to improve a post blepharoplasty scar? (photos)

The operation was ,overall a success and while the scar came larger than expected(and would appreciate any tip for improving it) for the most part it... READ MORE

Will the indent minimize over time? Is there anything I can do to help the scar's appearance? (Photo)

My daughter's eyelid was glued and taped after it was split open. I am disappointed to see the two edges did not stay together (or wasn't glued as... READ MORE

What kind of ointment can I use on firework burn? (photos)

I had a firework blowup in my face and burned off my left side eyelashes off. I can still see good, but i have minor burn marks on my eyelid. is there... READ MORE

I have a Blepharoplasty stitching scar and a big Canthoplasty scar! Is there any product out there could help? (photo)

These scars have been with me for years!!! I finally had my canthoplasty revision in South korea by the best surgeon in Seoul, but at the end the scar... READ MORE

Laceration in fold of infant eyelid. Best scar minimizer? Ophthalmology surgeon said Bacitracin is no longer necessary.

Infant is healing from emergency surgery 2 wks ago. The wound is in fold of eyelid, down upper canaliculus and medial and across nose bridge. Surgeon... READ MORE

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