Discoloration + Scars Treatment

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My Dermatologist Gave Me Scaraway Silicone Gel for Discolored Skin on my Face How Soon Will Discoloration Go Away?

Discoloration occured as a result of allergic reaction, i was given corticosteroid cream which diminished the itching but the redness remained. now... READ MORE

Skin Lip Abrasion Scar Help? (photo)

Please help, I just fell on my lip and face one week ago. Surface off my skin peel off. Doctor gave me Stratamed - but my scrape is almost healed.... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Scar That is Already Flat but Discolored and Wide?

I had a raised scar, hospital treatment was steroid cortisone injections and now the scar looks flat, but its still visible due to the scar's... READ MORE

What are the most effective at home remedies for lightening/refilling deep discolored scars as results of cold sores? (photos)

Two months ago I got two huge fever blisters on my upper lip. Once the infection began receding and the blisters scabbed I would moisturize the areas... READ MORE

Discolouration on Rhinplasty Incision, How To Treat? (photo)

Hi, I did an open rhinoplasty surgery two months ago and i noticed there is discoloration on my incision. The discoloration is pretty obvious as my... READ MORE

The best way to get discolouration out of a keloid scar? (photo)

I have a hypertrophic/keloid scar from an old nose piercing (4 years). I've been getting injections to minimise the lump, which has mad an enormous... READ MORE

About a Month and a Half Ago I Cut my Arm Open. The Scar Turned a Purple Black After I Removed the Stitches Normal?

I cut my arm on a piece of tin. The cut was 3mm wide, and 2 to 3mm deep. It healed fine until I removed the stitches, and a week or so after that, it... READ MORE

Coloured Scar Because of Blister on Face?

I have itchiness on face and i rub it..then it got worst making it burn and left dark spot scar on certain part of my face..the skin texture is just... READ MORE

Nasal Trauma and Expected Skin Scar. Preventative Measures? (photo)

I had a facial trauma 3 weeks ago and i had a lacerated wound on my nose and it is healing slowly each day is slightly better r but i am concerned... READ MORE

Asian Male with Small Old Surgical Scars, Perhaps Hyperpigmentation?

I have two brown surgical scars on my upper abdomen about an inch long each. I have tried just about everything to try to lighten them (silicone gel,... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a facial scar by fingernail scrape causing the skin to come off?

I am 21 years old, my 15 year old sister scraped me in my face using her finger nail causing my skin to scrape off, it is now discoloured. What is the... READ MORE

I have a 2nd degree burn on my finger. How long does it take for the skin to get back to normal? (photos)

I've a 2nd degree burn at my Whole fingers and now 3weeks its healing and my skin turn to new pink skin..my question is how long it take to the skin... READ MORE

Discolored Scar after curettage. What can I do?

3 weeks after a curettage, I vacationed in Mexico. Despite my best efforts to keep the new scar out of the sun, the scar is now discolored (red). What... READ MORE

I have a very visible scar directly In the center of my top lip? (photo)

I have had this scar and discoloration for about 4 yrs now. I went to my dermatologist and she cauterized a small area but it didn't help at all. I... READ MORE

What is Biafine Used For?

I have some chemical burn scars on my face that are a few years old. They have discolored over the years and turned reddish. My doctor has done 2... READ MORE

Pink Scar-like Spot on Upper Lip Where Dair Doesn't Grow, What Can I Do?

I recently noticed a small pinkish colored spot on my upper lip(about 1 mm in diameter) where hair does not grow. It is not very big but is still... READ MORE

Why Do Some Serious Scars Regain Skin Color, Or Close To It, While Others Do Not? (photo)

Dear Doctors: Last year, I was slashed in the face. Although it has still been under a year, unfortunately it looks like I may end up with a white... READ MORE

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