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What Are My Options For A Forehead Dent That I've Had For Years? (photo)

I have a dent on my forehead which I got from an injury when I was a kid. Now I am 28 years old and I can't show my forehead due to this scar. The... READ MORE

How Do You Treat a Slightly Depressed Scar on the Face?

A scar that is slightly depressed looks like a dent on the face. If a doctor was going to put a dermal filler under it would that cause it to look lumpy? READ MORE

Fixator Pin-Site Scars on Knees? (photo)

I had some orthopedic correction done to both tibias using external fixation (metal frames with pins). I am left with some rather unsightly pin-site... READ MORE

Laser Treatment on Healed Wound? (photo)

The attached picture is from my face (cheek area) What happened is a fairly thick layer of skin rubbed off. The healed over wound is slightly... READ MORE

Possible Facial Scarring After Getting Bit in the Face? (photo)

I was bit in the face during a fight.. the bite did not require stitches, it did however penetrate the dermis but wasn't determined how many layers it... READ MORE

I Have a Huge Dent/Crater Middle/top of Nose... Its Scabbing Still, Anything I Should Do? (photo)

Hi. I ran into tree branch smacking the top of my nose. two days ago. Its still scabbing up and healing, but i can already see a big dent/crater... READ MORE

Can my Scars Be Remove and my Hair Be Replace? (photo)

I was involve in a acident when i was 9 years and have 2 scars on my face which is now bothering me alot it take up the 2 sides of my face and 1 side... READ MORE

How Much Will Scar Revision Improve the Dented Surgical Scar on my Elbow?

Hi, I'm a 25 year old female and on the skinny side. When I was 6 years old, I had a botched open elbow surgery in a poor country (where I'm... READ MORE

Scar Revision and Sciton Erbium 1 Week Later - Is This Okay?

I'm having scar revisions on my face then Sciton Erbium laser (test spot behind ear) on them and minor dented scars. I was told to use... READ MORE

My 3 Year Old Son Has a Dent in His Cheek from a Fall. Will It Go Back to Normal? (photo)

It happened about 7 months ago when he was 2.5 and it's still very visible when he smiles or smirks. I hate it and it's tearing me up. The... READ MORE

How can I remove the dent in my cheekbone & get help with my skin graft blending in with my skin colour?

3 years ago i was involved in a car crash and serveley hurt. I have a skin graft on one a side of my right arm and is very noticeable as the colour is... READ MORE

How can I get rid of deep dents on my forehead without surgery? (photo)

I have these small but deep dents on my forehead which are not from acne. I don't know where on earth they came from?! But I think I've had it since I... READ MORE

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