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Thyroid Surgery Scar

In July of 2010 I had my thyroid removed. My thyroid had grown into my sternum and my chest needed to be opened to removed the thyroid. I now have 2... READ MORE

I Have Large Hole in my Face and a Dent? (photo)

I have been diagnosed with discoid lupus and a skin specialist injected cortisone into the spots now my face has 3 large holes and a huge indent in my... READ MORE

What Are My Options To Treat Flat Burn Scars On My Arm? Cortizone Injections?

I have flat burn scars on my arms does "cortizone injection for scars" help my condition? If not, what direction could be taken to correct... READ MORE

Can a Cortisone Shot Permanently Work to Keep Hypertrophic Scars from Re-occurring?

Can a Cortisone Shot Permanently Work to Keep Hypertrophic Scars from Re-occurring? READ MORE

Skin Bleaching at Site of Cortisone Shot- Will Color Return? (photo)

I had a cortisone shot administered by my dermatologist on two large bug bites on my leg. They tend to leave scars, so she did the shots to get rid of... READ MORE

I Had a Cortisone Injection Today That Looks Like He Entered It Beside the Scar Not Directly on It is This Ok? (photo)

I have a small raised scar that has bothered me for some time now. I used a bleaching cream for only 2 days but area became red and looked worse. I... READ MORE

Is There Something That Can Improve the Appearance of This Dark Brown Scar? Can I Use Cortisone Cream Again? (photo)

I had a cortisone injection 2 months ago. the injection in my opinion didnt do anything to the scar to help it but indented the healthy skin beside it... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for my Scars? (photo)

10 year old scars Previously treated with; - skin graft - scar revision - cortisone injection (twice after small raised keloid formation) - scar... READ MORE

Will a cortisone injection greatly reduce redness in a hypertrophic scar? How long are the results?

Approximately how long do the positive results from a cortisone injection last when used on a hypertrophic scar? READ MORE

Do Cortisone Shots Help Old Scars?

I have a large 10 year old scar I got for getting a shot when I was 14 years old. Would a cortisone shot help reducing it? It's a bit raised and a... READ MORE

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