Blister + Scars Treatment

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Scarred After Laser Vein Treatment to Face

I had a vein treated with a laser on my face, the vein went from the corner of my mouth to below my chin. I had a large blister immediately after.... READ MORE

Redness & Indentation After Vein Treatment - What Can I Do to Fix This? (photo)

A month ago I received Cutera laser on my nostrils for spider veins. Within 30 minutes I blistered, it took more than 2 weeks to heal. Now I have... READ MORE

Coloured Scar Because of Blister on Face?

I have itchiness on face and i rub it..then it got worst making it burn and left dark spot scar on certain part of my face..the skin texture is just... READ MORE

What are the most effective at home remedies for lightening/refilling deep discolored scars as results of cold sores? (photos)

Two months ago I got two huge fever blisters on my upper lip. Once the infection began receding and the blisters scabbed I would moisturize the areas... READ MORE

I have terrible blisters from mosquito bites on my legs which have not healed in a month. What treatment would you recommend?

I am in cambodia am bitten most night. One night I received 72 bites. These have turned into large blitsers which burst about a week later, then... READ MORE

How would I go about treating this so it doesn't leave a scar or discoloration? (photos)

Two days ago I but into a microwaved egg and the steam exploded in my face. It had a blister, but it was a small one. Now the blister has fallen off... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to do pretreatment before laser to treat PIH burn?

3 weeks ago, i got a bbl burn under my eye because my skin had a dark bruise and absorbed too much light (i had 1st and one light 2 nd degree burn... READ MORE

I burn my chest with coal and have a second degree burn. What treatment would you recommend?

Hi. Yesterday I burned my chest with coal. I have blisters and it's a second degree burn. It does not hurt to bad, I just don't want scars, and I want... READ MORE

Are Blisters Next to the Vertical Incisions Normal? How Can It Heal W/o Scar?

I had a breast lift with implants 3 weeks ago. In my forth day I notice blisters next to vertical and the horizontal incision. Went to my ps and he... READ MORE

I have a chemically burned chin with rubbing alcohol and benzoyl peroxide. What should I do so it will not scar? (photo)

I burned my chin yesterday with a combination of rubbing alcohol and benzoyl peroxide. My skin is very tough and usually never gets irritated with... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for scarring?

Can I still get it removed without scarring? What would you do? Best treatment?I have got 7 treatments to remove it over the past year and a half. The... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a water blister with redness and painful to the touch on a scar? (photos)

I had a gunshot womb exploratory surgery in 1992. I woke up a week ago with this annoying blister. I applied peroxide to it 2 days later and it busted... READ MORE

My girlfriend will not go to the hospital and has a 2nd degree burn on her face. What can I do to treat wound/prevent scaring?

She was burnt about 3 hours ago and refused to be seen by a doctor. There are blisters along her nose, chin, and around her lips as well as red/white... READ MORE

I had this laser burn and wanted to know how to treat it. (photo)

Have had treatments before but never had this happen. I have a small blister on the right side. How do I take care of it so i don't have permanent... READ MORE

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