Bio Oil + Scars Treatment

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I Have a Cigarette Burn(now Scar) for 3 Months. Its Flat but Red. What Can I Do Now. Will It Heal? (photo)

In December i burnt my self on the forehead with a cigarette. it has healed and there is only a red mark smack dab on my forehead. it really lowers my... READ MORE

How do I get a bright red pore to go back to normal? It has been this way a few months.

I had a blackhead on the end of my nose months ago. It wasn't clearing with masks or facewash so I tried squeezing it out and it worked...but the pore... READ MORE

How do I lighten scars on my thighs caused by eczema? (photo)

I've had eczema since young, and the eczema on my thighs have caused scars and the skin to be slightly wrinkled. How can I lighten the scars? I've... READ MORE

Skin abrasion, it healed up real fast. What to apply now? Will bio-oil work or any other lotion? (Photo)

Scars dont leave stays on. Please recommend something to fade this mark away. Thanks! READ MORE

Dermatix or Bio Oil for surgical scar?

Since both are scar skincare products, which one is more effective and what's the difference between those two? READ MORE

Will this eventually heal and not leave a scar? (photo)

I fell ima treadmill about two weeks ago and this is my face now. It is bright red or pink and I've been putting bio oil on it twice a day for the... READ MORE

Chemical Burn on Face? (photo)

I got a scar from a chemical burn two months ago. It's size is about 1,5 cm x 1 cm. The fact that I'm on Accutane probably made it worse. Two weeks... READ MORE

How to fade minor scars/hyper pigmentation between thighs?

I'm 13 and terrified of showing my legs. I had red bumps on my inner thigh which scarred. I'm terrified of having any cut on my thigh, to say the... READ MORE

Applying bio oil, coco butter & sunscreen if outdoors. Is there anything else I should be using on a Thyroidectomy scar? (photo)

She is 10 and the scar is 3 weeks old. We were told to keep it out of the sun and or to used sun screen. Also, if the scar bothers her in a yr, what... READ MORE

Will this scar under my Lip heal? (photos)

I bit through the bottom of my lip which turned into a cut on the outside. When the scab came off it left this dark pink shape. I have been using biol... READ MORE

I have scars from bug bites (bedbugs). What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Im 17 last year i went to a friends house , i was up itching all night found out it was bedbugs too late and now im stuck with these weird brown dots,... READ MORE

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