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Will 1 Week Old Second Degree Steam Burn Scars Go Away?

I am 31 years old asian female.i had a bad incident last sunday 10/10/10 while i was trying to open pressure cooker it blew up,got second degree burns... READ MORE

What Treatment Would Help Mature Old White Scars?

I have scars over the length of my both of my arms from self injury as an adolescent. They are mature scars(approx. 15 years old)so they are white and... READ MORE

Is Scar Repairex Cream Good for Scars? or I Should Go for Silicon Sheets?

I had breast lift and augmentation surgery & arm lift surgery 17 days ago and now my doc recomended scar repairex cream for my scars .. i know i... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done for Massive Amounts of Scarring Due to 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns?

I was in a gas explosion several months ago, my torso and face are relatively unscathed but my legs are grafted from the knee down to the top of the... READ MORE

Can 3rd Degree Burn Scars Heal in Anyway? (photo)

So I had an accident in the year 2000 at age 5.. I was playing with a lighter and caught my left sleeve on fire I believe I was wearing 100% cotton... READ MORE

2nd and 3rd Degree Burns over my Arms? (photo)

Hi, I am a 22 years old male, 1 week ago I burned my self while cooking at home. I burned my both arms, and my toe. Since then I have seen a doctor,... READ MORE

7 Year Old Surgical Arm Scar. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Is there anything that can be done for my 7 year old basket ball injury scar from surgery? Nothing works...Not dermablend, not temporary skin tatt... READ MORE

Little Pimple on Incision?

Hello, I had a broken elbow 8 months ago and the doctor I went to told me I needed surgery. He managed to put the bone together with dissolvable... READ MORE

Scars From Mosquito Bites. Tried TCA with No Results. Recommendations?

I scratched my mosquito bites, which resulted to many scars mainly on my legs and arms. I have huge dark scars, i tried tca peel 20% five times still... READ MORE

Can a Birthmark Be Removed with a Scalpel ?

I have had a birthmark on my left arm since birth . I use to get bullied and teased about it . When I was older I got depressed and self mutilated... READ MORE

Best Medical Procedure to Reduce Hypertrophic Scarring from Lipoma Removal Incisions? (photo)

I recently had ~15 lipomas removed from both arms (biopsies). There is some hypertrophic scarring and the rest are an ugly dark, purple color. I find... READ MORE

Removal of Self Inflicted Scars

Hi i have approx 10 year old self injury scars. Just would like an opinion on whether anything can be done eg fraxel laser to help the appearance of... READ MORE

Treatment Options for a Raised Burn Scar?

Hi about 4 years ago I got a self inflicted cigarette burn scar on my upper right arm. It is slightly raised but the color closely resembles my skin... READ MORE

Chemical Burn to Arms and Legs

I have chemical burn scars on my forearms and shins accompanied by some discoloration to large brown patches of surrounding skin. the scars themselves... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Bug Bite Scars? (photo)

When i was a child i was bitten by mosquitoes all over my arms and the bites became dark scars that dont ever seem to fade. READ MORE

How to Fade an Un-even Burn Scar

I had the great idea to brand myself of my deltoid about 2 years ago. a month later i had the even better idea to redo one of the 2 letters because it... READ MORE

Can Raised Scar Be Covered by Tattoo?

Hi, I have a raised red scar about 2.5 inches long on my left arm. I want to put a tattoo on that area to cover it up. Is it possible? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars on Both Arms? (photo)

Good day! I am 26 y.o. and from the Phils. My problem is I have several brown pigments on both arms caused by mosquito bites. I am fair-skinned so... READ MORE

Any Suggested Treatment for White Scars As a Result of Chicken Pox?

These are mostly on my arms.....the chicken pox occurred over fifty years ago.... READ MORE

Self-Mutilation Scars on Arms

I'm a 20 yr old young lady and I've had a rough childhood. One of my arms (upper and lower) have self-mutilation scars (from both cutting and... READ MORE

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