Acne Scars + Scars Treatment

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Is This an Acne Scar or Steroid Atrophy? (photo)

8 months ago I had a Kenalog shot in a cyst. My skin appeared to atrophy in that area a couple days later. Please take a look at my progression photos... READ MORE

Best Filler for Chicken Pox and Acne Scars on Temple?

I have chicken pox scars and acne scars on my temples. Which is the best injectable filler to treat those scars? I'm looking for something that... READ MORE

I Am a Keloid Former I Wonder if Derma-rollers Would Work on my Indented Facial Scars from Acne and Chicken Pox?

I am a keloid former i wonder if derma-rollers would work on my indented facial scars from acne and chicken pox...please advice... thanks! READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Scars on my Face? (photo)

I have scars for various reasons on my face. From chicken pox as a child, scratches and even a dent from falling as a child, and most recently acne... READ MORE

Are There Any Successful Treatments for my Hypopigmentation Scars? (photo)

I've been getting hypo-pigmented scars from acne on my face and chest for years. I'm 30 and fair skinned. I have Hashimoto's. Autoimmune diseases run... READ MORE

Do I Have Keloid or Hypertrophic Scars? (photo)

Hello, I had acne breakout about 3 years ago and it left really bad scarring. Well this year I went to doctor and she told me I have keloids but I... READ MORE

Do you think scars are ugly? What's the best way to reduce them?

Hello, My sister is 40 years old and she is having scars on her face. Because of the scars she is feeling bad when people are staring at her faced? is... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Tretinoin to Remodel Pre-existing Acne Scars?

Will it take at least a year from the date of starting tretinoin, or at least a year from the time that the scars were revealed while using the... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars and Makeup

I want to have a laser scar removal treatment but do not know which type is suitable for me. I think there might be some nodules/pus deep inside my... READ MORE

Is there any places in Canada that do ReCell in a more aesthetic way?

Wanted to know if anyone knows of any clinics in Canada performing ReCell for more minor cases like acne scarring and burns and such? I know it's... READ MORE

What is this scar? Could it be a disease? (Photo)

What is this it appear on my hand I have four first similar look like acne but acne just appear on my face and nevet come with this scar.I found some... READ MORE

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