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Micropore Tape As Scar Treatment for Tummy Tuck?

I am 5 weeks post op and at my surgeon appointment today she said that I am doing fine with the micropore tape and recommends that I stay with that... READ MORE

Do I Need Scar Treatment at 5 Weeks Post Full Tummy Tuck (photo)

Well Yesterday I 5 week Mark of my full TT i went back to see my doctor she couldnt believe her eyes.She was very impressed with my scar & belly... READ MORE

Post Traumatic Scar Above the Eyelid? (photo)

1month ago i falled on sharp edge and i had this mildly depressed scar ,I wander does fraxel help for this scar and if so what is the percentage? or... READ MORE

Steroid Injection for Facial Scar Tissue? (photo)

I had a scar excision on my jawline5 weeks ago. It didn't close and had to be redone 1 week later. I then developed a lump of scar tissue underneath... READ MORE

Redness & Indentation After Vein Treatment - What Can I Do to Fix This? (photo)

A month ago I received Cutera laser on my nostrils for spider veins. Within 30 minutes I blistered, it took more than 2 weeks to heal. Now I have... READ MORE

Thick Big Scars

When I was 4 years old i drop a hot instant soup you heat in the microwave I'm 22 years old and my scars look white and light pink and thick. What... READ MORE

When to Get More Aggressive in Treating Open Section of TT Scar? (photo)

I am 32 days post op full TT. On day 22, part of my scar opened up (photo). My surgeon is three hours away (and he is on holidays), so I went to ER.... READ MORE

I Just Had a Scar Revision 4 Weeks Ago, and the Scar is Raised Under Steristrips. Is This Part of the Healing Process?

I just had a scar revision 4 weeks ago, and the top of the scar is now raised and firm under steristrips. Is this part of the healing process? The... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Red Bruising Even After 4 Weeks After Incision?

I had a breast biopsy which left me with a hypertrophic scar that didn't look good. I have had surgeries before and always had good healing, so this... READ MORE

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