Wrist + Scar Removal

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Slit Wrist Scar Removal Options

Four months ago, I took a drug overdose and slit my left wrist. Thanks to a great therapist, I am doing much better emotionally. The slit wasn't too... READ MORE

Flat Discolored Scar? (photo)

I had a ganglion cyst removed about 18 months ago and my scar is still present on my wrist. It's not terrible but my wife and I agreed that we should... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my hyperpigmented scar as a result of a cut? (photo)

Hi there, I got a cut on my wrist while scrapping and it left a scarring with dark stubborn hyperpigmented surroundings and a white line in the middle... READ MORE

Can self inflicted burn scars on hands and wrists be removed?

I burned my hand with and both wrists with a smoking pipe that I lit up and pushed into these areas. It was a terrible mistake that I regret a lot.... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a wrist scar? (photo)

I have this ugly scar on my wrist from two years ago. it is really red and the width is 7 millimeters. It is possible to remove it and the new scar... READ MORE

How do I remove my scars from wrist cuts? (photos)

Have few cuts on my wrist. Not a really deep cut. Its been a month and the color of my cuts are still pretty pinky. How can i remove this scar..? Im... READ MORE

I have a long scar from surgery on my wrist. How can I reduce the redness and thickness? (Photo)

I have a long scar on my wrist from wrist surgery. It's been almost 3 months and it's still so obvious and red. What is the best way to reduce the... READ MORE

Can Keloid in the Palms Be Removed? (photo)

A few years ago I had carpel tunnel surgery in both hands. The surgery corrected the problem, but I formed keloids in both hands. I do have keloids on... READ MORE

What treatments can I receive to remove scars both surgical and non surgical

I slit my arms (on the wrist side) left and right, the right side has about 10 raised red scars ranging from 2-3cm long and about 1/2 a centimeter... READ MORE

How can I get a scar removed or reduced on my wrist? (Photo)

My cut itches and causes a lot of pain during the night. How can I stop the pain and reduce/remove the scar? I know I caused this problem myself, but... READ MORE

How to eliminate fresh scars on wrist? (Photo)

I have two deep scars that Im really worried about. One a deep cat scratch mark on the side of my wrist that is two weeks older and therefore a little... READ MORE

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