Wart + Scar Removal

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Is It Safe to Remove Skin Tags (warts on Face), if I Had Keloid?

The keloids are on chest,3cm and shoulders,5cm long.i already take steroid injection for those keloids n it is thinner now. READ MORE

How can I remove residual scarring from various wart removal treatments?

About 2 years ago I developed a small cluster of warts on my arm near my wrist. Since then, I have tried treatments varying from liquid nitrogen, to... READ MORE

Removing old scars from lips (photo)

I had two warts removed on my upper lip when I was 11. I am now 27 years old and I have lived with these two raised, slightly discoloured bumps on my... READ MORE

Does the "Wart Stick" Work to Remove Warts?

Hi I'm curious if this Wart Stick could actually work at removing warts? Here's what the website says: "contains a high concentration... READ MORE

I have a hypo pigmented scar from a genital wart TCA treatment. Can I get rid of the scars? (Photo)

Last January I went to planned parenthood to get treatment for warts the doctor was not careful during the application and I am now left with this... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Best Treatment for Wart Scars on Upper Lip?

I have two small scars on area above upper lip from warts that were removed with salicylic acid. The scars are slight depressions, not raised and... READ MORE

Is there a way to reduce how noticeable the scars on my upper lip are, or make them blend in with my lip. (photos)

When i was in 5th grade my tooth went through my upper lip from a sports incident. also i had two warts removed electrically a few years ago. In the... READ MORE

I have a scar on my tip of nose due to removal of wart. I can't see any improvement after laser treatment.

I had a wart on the tip of my nose,which was removed before 7 years.But later it developed a scar,and now i am going laser treatment for removal of... READ MORE

How to remove wart/scar on my chest? (Photo)

Hello, last year I was sleeping on a couch in my basement and woke up with these 2 warts/scar which I think came from some type of insect byte. I'm... READ MORE

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